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Best Dark Souls Wiafu.
Hmm wonder why the top is the rare drop. -applies gold coin-
Killed all desert sorceress of earthen peak till they couldn't respawn, equipped with jester's hat, prisoner's tatters and covetous gold serpent ring+1, and I got 2 desert sorceress hoods, 2 desert sorceress gloves, 1 desert sorceress skirt and 5 desert sorceress top, and generally, the armor piece I'm missing is never the top, so is it really this rare ?
I-it's not that I like you or something.... B-b-baka
I got two lingering dragoncrest rings and only gloves so far. Is the set really rarer than the ring?
How do those grave wardens get any work done with a hot piece of finger lickin' chicken like that.
Me, I'd be a 24 hour tripod.
Jiggle Phyiscs included