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"They are extremely difficult to kill." They revive almost immediately so long as their 'pilgrim' is still alive; you jackass.
these guys are jokes if you use the sacred bloom shield
He says as his stamina is broken and is eviscerated by laser beams
Makes sense that Gertrude got the miracle "Divine Pillars of Light" from the angels, its kind of similar to their divine beams of light.



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So, taking a good look at the body, these are definitely Pilgrims, not Locusts. It feels strange that they're in the Dreg Heaps of all places, as you wouldn't expect Angels to be associated with the Deep and the Abyss like the area is. Perhaps they're some manifestation of Faith? Honestly, without anything solid on Londor and its pilgrims, this is all just wild speculation,which is a damn shame because Londor is one of the locations in DS3 I'm the most curious about.
There aren't many mentions of the Angels in item descriptions, but for the Winged Knight armor, it says that Angel worship was considered heretical. It seems that in Dark Souls, Angels are spiritual entities administering to Humanity, Hollows, and the Abyss in general, and since this is the Age of Fire, most religious sects refute their spiritual significance and would punish anyone who would dare worship such monsters. Consider the spread of Christianity through the ages, and how paganism was branded as heresy, and how Ancient Roman gods like Pan were used to portray Satan in order to demonize pagans.
The non-hostile Angel will be hostile if you killed the Old Stone Humped Hag... is it possible that she became an angel after the completion of The Ringed City? She dies either way, but the Angel being hostile would make sense if you killed her, because she might recognize the player... Discuss!
The thing that controls the angle squirms about if you hit it with a fire weapon
Using the Miracle "Hidden Body", Hidden body is not a miracle


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In case of these *****ers it is a true miracle
Definitely magic damage dealt by the light-arrows. High magic-def armor helped and Pontiff Knight Shield reduced damage to near-nothing.
I was watching Vampire hunter d: bloodlust, and I noticed something worth mentioning. for those who don't know what vampire hunter is, imagine Castlevania set in a post-apocalyptic future where vampires rule the world and monsters run amok, and the protagonist is basically Alucard with a cyborg horse. in the movie, there's this guy, Grove, who is this comatose-looking man in this band of vampire hunters. at some point in the movie, he uses this drug that sends him in some sort of sleeping state where he summons a spectral looking version of himself, who float around, smiling, shooting out light beams in the same fashion of Londor Angels, like identical. I don't know if it was the inspiration behind the Angels, but considering Bloodborne overall design seems inspired by Vampire hunter D, I think is a possibility.
Astrial projection. The guy roams around in his Astrial body which has limitless strength and power, the only downside is channeling that much power destroys his corporal form. I’ve seen it also and know what’s the gimmick.:P Yes indeed, the angles are Astrial projections of the pilgrims pus.
Interesting........apparently killing Lapp (I already knew his true identity. I had to kill the bastard) stops the second angel summoner from spawning. Don't know if it was intentional, or if it was a glitch. Did this happen to anyone else?