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This is the best weapon in the game! Does no damage and is slow as hell. I love it <3
yeah this is definitely a joke weapon considering its appearance so dont get your hopes for a buff



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Patches was a joke at first, now he's the icon of Dark Souls. Plus, the infusion chart isn't even finished so a buff might not happen, but maybe just getting good with it Ian good
I was using this once and styled on some tryhard with a Carthus Curved Sword. He got me though because it takes 100 slow hits with this thing to actually kill someone. He pointed down at me too! I love this game lol. (I got him using a real weapon btw and he hasn't beaten me since for those who care)
The guy sure was needing that ego boost.
Cheers anon
I've beaten every weapon in the game with this one. It has to be built around to do good damage, but if you do, the WA and three-hit combo can do quite solid damage.

Still not the best, but at least not garbo.
Sometimes people pointing down (I never do) is funny, in the right situation. Other times I just think they must feel pretty bad about themselves if they want to humiliate others. Most try their best to be gracious, and I love that about this game!
Nerf this ***** From!111!!! I wnt 2 arnea n dis guay just attackd throw my r1 spam. GG MIYAZAKI U SNEAKY ***.
I hope you are joking. If you lost to this weapon, you are just one of the worst players I've ever heard of.
This is prolly trolling, but I can't help but hope that this guy lost to me when I came up with my wooden hammer build. :)
its not a strenght weapon its a luck weapon, it does 53 poison with 18 luck at +5
It is not mentioned in the page for the Spin Bash WA. Just tacking this note here, because there aren't any comments on the WA page, which means people don't go there anyway, and no one will see this there.



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Has 440/470 at 40 strength heavy infused, it's actually passable now :D
With just a little skill, this weapon is actually better than you would expect. It's weak for it's class, yes, but it still has all the poise, takes next to no stamina to swing, is super light, and can mix-up with the Art.

If you rely on raw damage to win, face the fact, you are just not good.
hmmm bleed infused? would the spin art still bleed without fp? hmmmm
You can't infuse this weapon class with bleed.
Well, you can apparently, ignore my reply, I mixed up DS2 and DS3



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You might as well use Spiked Mace instead.
From a pure PVE perspective, this hammer is actually very good. Compared to the Great Mace (both Heavy +10 with 66 Strength ,40 Endurance and +2 Ring of Favor, two handed), Great Mace can swing 4 times and Great Wooden Hammer can swing 5 times. GM does 1824 in 4 swings, GWH does 1700 in 5, tested of Harald knights. Both stunlock the same. And the last point, one weights 18 units, the other 6. So yeah, pretty good weapon I would say, as long as you can stunlock the enemy.