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i wanna do a gwyn cosplay should i use this or profaned greatsword?
Profaned GS in my opinion.
It looks more like his sword ;-)
This is better than the profound greatsword
I do believe that Lorian's GS got nerfed in terms of weight and stamina usage from Patch 1.11. It was 13.5 and now it's 14.0 and while I could swing other similar UGS like Profaned and Astora up to 5 times with 40 END and a RoF+1, I could only swing Lorian's GS up to 4 times only.
Lorian you kinda suck at slaying demons.


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If you're refering to the demon prince boss in DLC, that is not the same that Lorian fought. Lorian did slay the demon prince of the time and the demon prince we fight is just another demon which rekindled the flame of the demon prince that Lorian slayed, making it the new demon prince.
From the description of the soul of the demon prince: "The demons, birthed from a common Chaos, share almost everything between them, even the pride of their prince, and his nearly-faded flame. So that the last demon standing may rekindle it."
possibly because the lorian greatsword we use isnt the lorian greatsword it used to be. check the art book, and you can see that the weapon is not flamed. the weapon is flamed because his last time fighting a demon prince making his sword chaos. and of course most demons would have incredible fire resistance or even immune.
so why exactly is this sword considered really strong? it had four freaking D scalings o.O" (okay, like if ur at very high levels it will deal big dmg, same as artorias pure greatsword somehow)
At +5 and at SL150 (40/40/35/35 STR/DEX/INT/FTH) this weapon is incredibly powerful, with an AR of 723, which when buffed by the WA becomes something around 810, which is monstrous. It has the best UGS moveset in my opinion due to the horizontal R1's which can easily catch multiple opponents in PvE as well as catch players in PvP. It also has that awesome thrust attack. The WA is amazing as it's basically the standard Stomp WA that sends everything flying in the air, except it also buffs your weapon with fire as well as send out a flame projectile along the ground. The only downside to this weapon is split damage, which doesn't matter in PvE as most enemies (and several bosses) are vulnerable to fire damage.
This is most certainly a solid weapon, make no mistake, but other Ultragreatswords have it beat in one or more categories.

Lorian's movepool is fantastic, but the Black Knight Great Sword packs some serious movepool competition, possesses extremely high straight, and has longer reach.

Though people may knock it, the FUGS is still a worthy contender, thanks to the FUGS's pike-like reach and strike damage. Not to mention, the FUGS can also be buffed, granting it with a higher AR than BKUGS or Lorian's.

Then of course, we have the Greatsword. Mehish movepool; decent, but not dazzling, WA; Standard only damage, but a crap ton of AR on STR builds.

Lorian's is something of the UGS class's jack of all trades. Pros: Lots of power, low weight compared to the other UGS behemoths, excellent movepool, and a great WA; Cons: Split damage, shoddy range for a UGS, and higher (but not quite FUGS high) stamina consumption. I recommend 40 END plus the Ring of Favor +3 on any build looking to wield this monster.
So this is basically just a better Propaned Greatsword, yeah?
But does it come with Propaned accessories?
with enough inteligence dex and strength... its power attack and the power withing spell your damages goes to 1000+....
Funnily enough... On a 27 STR 40 DEX build, you can still pull off 731 AR while 2-handing with the WA buff. That's an extremely cheap investment for 700+ AR. A yes, it's split damage, but so is the DGS, buffed Lothric Knight Greatsword, and buffed Mad King's Crucifix. Compared to Yhorm's and Ledo's, this thing is more stamina efficient, and it has a better movepool.

Even more interesting, a +9 simple infused offhand will yield more than enough FP regeneration to cover the cost of the WA's buff; allowing for a perpetual 731 AR.

...And hysterically enough, courtesy of this thing's high Fire damage, you can easily riposte for over 800 damage in PvP, no Hornet Ring required.

Ahhhh... My beloved Simple Llewellyn Shield and Lorian's GS... How many edgelords have we rekt?
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The description must be talking about some other demon prince, because the Demon Prince I know is still kicking (much to my anger) in the Ringed City DLC


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he could have wounded him pretty badly and then saw him falling of a cliff. It's a often used scenario in stories. The protagonist asumes he killed someone. Until this person stands again before him. No reason to trash the whole affair and come up with "2 Demon Princes" especially if you can clearly see that the 2 demons are in a pretty bad shape. Now ask yourself why...
The description of the Soul of the Demon Prince states that all demons share the "pride of their prince" and "his nearly faded flame" - essentially the status, title, and power of the titular demon royalty.

Lorian slew the original Demon Prince. With the demon dead, his soul was inherited by the "last demon standing". In this case, there were two - the Demon from Below and the Demon in Pain. "The demons, birthed from a common Chaos, share almost everything between them...". The two demons are sharing the Soul of the Demon Prince. Once you beat both of them, the "last demon standing" inherits and rekindles the whole soul, and so the Demon Prince is reborn.
Old description of Demon Prince's soul:
The Demon Prince, after his defeat to Lorian, retreated beneath the earth and lost the memory of the flame that burned within him, marking the end of demonkind.
There you go, you're welcome.