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PS4 Hellablunts_
I really need help
probably the most broken and disappointing covenant in a game full of disappointment
I'm going to say that the info is wrong here. Many many many times when I invade as an Aldritch Faithful do a Darkmoon Blade or Blue Sentinel get summoned in after like 5-10 mins. Possibly even Watch Dogs summon in the Blades when way of the blue player is attacked.
You're incorrect. I tried this as aldrich and every time a BS/DB get summoned it's cause a red invader joined as well.
Heretic !
Anor Londo has always been my go to farming spot so whenever I am summoned by a blade I give them 5 proofs as a lil gift. I currently have 75 of them...
what are you talking about? you farm kepts and farmed 75 of them. no way. re read ur comment and realize you make no sense
what? care to share? i'll summon you if u so desire



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Not just that, you can't even trade proof of concords. What's with this Anon lying out their arse.
Obviously, this Anon just recently learned of the whole "rare ears" thing so they're trying to sound cool. Nice try, but you can't trade covenant items.
ive been summoned a few times where the host will encourage the invader and watch the fight. if i lose the host will teabag me or punk my corpse. WTF is up with this *******? little children getting their jollies? this *****ing game ant the children... *****ing hell. how can you plan on having your friend invade you? is this what is happening?
Here's your solutions to this problem
1. Stop being a little ***** and git gud.

yeah ill do this boy. while you summon me to fight dancer for you early game. ok little boy
Git gud xDDD u mad? XDDD It's only a gaem XDDDD
These replies showcase why everyone hates the Dark Souls community. Little brats whose only response is "git Gus".
Damn autocorrect. *gud*
They just dont like to gank up on somebody, especially if the invader is going for a duel instead of attacking while the host is busy with mobs.
ive had some situation where the host is just sitting there and no enemies around. and when ive died, i see them run off with the invader. maybe to beat/suck eachother off? seems they are up to something and i still cant figure it out. if you arent into "ganking"(2v1.. give me a break), then why have way of the blue convent active. btw, i am good for all you little punks. beat eachother plz and dont comment here.
Aw, poor little autistic blue can't 1v1 an invader without the hosts help? You do realize not every host is a ganker right? Some like giving the invaders an equal ground for once and watching 1v1s and helping Blues get ears. Nothing wrong with that, you just suck.
Need help to farm or be summoned plz immediately in this s4 my id samurai-hidden
Ps4 help immediately darkmoon covenent farm or summoned plz my id on ps4 samurai-hidden
Can't I have some help on pc? I read somewhere that being level 70-90 in grand archives is a hot spot for Darkmoon Blades/Blue Sentinals but I've been here for a little under an hour with nothing, and I'm level 83. I wish From Software could be persuaded to add in a Blue Eye Orb, like they had in DS1, so we don't have to rely on someone being apart of the Way of Blue.
sl15 until 25 is the "hot spot" level wise. weapon upgrade shouldn't be highter than +2. Ideal is +1. After that you can mentaly prepare yourself to farm silver knights.
I feel like darkmoons should be summoned not only for every invader of a host with way of blue, but also for someone without way of blue equipped who is invaded by a rosarias finger or 2 dark spirits or something like that. Just anything to increase frequency of summoning really
Uh, no? I like PvEing on my own and hosting on my own. I actually have a nice thick and long ***** dangling between my legs unlike the people who wear the Way of Blue.

Blue Eye Orb is the source of frequency, as it puts you in control of getting covenant items like everyone else.



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@Anon April 21st
That's nice and all, but govern your ego and narrow-mindedness, child. It's fine if you don't wish to wear Way of Blue; you've a right to play the game your own way, but there is no need to categorize Way of Blue members under such a nonsensical label. Besides, the Blue Eye Orb doesn't even exist in this game right now, so you're doing us all a disservice by letting the size of your... thing get in the way of helping others.