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Gave this a try in a few pvp matches, and well… I never hit my opponent with it once. it seems the hit box is very shortlived, and the i-frames in dks3 are crazy as it is, but anyways, even from range when I felt like my opponent should have taken a hit from the moonlight wave it sends… it seemed to get thrown into the ground? or disipated? i donno, but i found it damn hard to land an attack with it.
Is the FP being consumed once you release it or already when you hold it?
Once you release.


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This spell is an alright pve spell, usually doing over 1000 damage if the sword and beam both hit (all boosting rings + crown of dusk + candlestick offhand w/ 60 int buffed court sorc staff). Unfortunately you have to be pretty crafty to land a hit on an opponent in pvp. Even if you charge it and wait for a roll you usually will only hit them with the beam. One neat trick is to stand behind a corner or doorway with it charged up, hitting the player as they come by. Not really worth going through the trouble of Midir but a pretty nice replacement for soul greatsword.
Could also try to git gud, that seems to work wonders
The model is ripped from a PS1 game? That is huh... wow
It's meant to be nostolgic. They did it on purpose. A lot of games do this anyway. Like how Smash Bros often uses NES sprites for some assist trophies or FFXV uses battle sprites from the SNES for its menus


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just goes to show you can throw enough effects on something and most people won't bat an eyebrow at a 21 year old model appearing in a modern videogame
They used the model from another game that from software made. Please do your research before blurting out stupid***** that makes you look like a stupid *****ing twit XD
But what they said wasn't stupid? It's accurate?
from made kingsfield you *****ing idiot
The sword produced by this spell uses a model taken directly from King's Field 2 (US), nearly untouched, save for the blade being slightly extended.

Doesn't seem to be true.


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The model is, the textures are modified and particle effects are added, though.
"Nearly Untouched" Nah


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It's a fancy spell that is totally not worth the pain and suffering you go through to get it.

Damage test
Git gud
Um, what? This thing does 840+ damage with the crystal chime and Bellowing/Young Dragon rings, nothing else at 50/50 Int/Faith. That is BS. Hitting with both the sword and the beam while charged hits for amazing damage, it just requires skill. It's great for catching enemies and has better poisebreak than Great Heavy Soul Arrow. It also costs 30FP for damage on par with Crystal Soul Spear, with a better hitbox. This spell is literally awesomeness incarnate. It even makes casters look like badasses.
Just tested and it actually does BETTER damage than crystal soul spear for less FP. About 100 more with the same setup as said below.


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old moonlight + moonlight greatsword + crescent moon sword = ??? ( MOONLIGHT BRO AHEAD. PRAISE THE MOONLIGHT)
I feel the need to do that
Darkmoon Longbow, Darkmoon Ring and Old Moonlight spell from Midir I've just killed
Bloodborne guy bestowed it on Midir after defeating the orphan of Kos.......
This sword was in other games before it was in blood borne. And the man who wielded it in bloodborne was Ludwig.
John Bloodborne
After getting this spell from Midir, I tried using it in about 20 duels in the hollow arena. Just for comparsion, I could land the slow and predictable crystal souls spear about once every two duels, but I NEVER hit somebody with the charged version of this. That's not only because the very obvious animation, but also because this spell, especially the charged version, has some hitbox problems. Despite the charged projectile looking huge, its hitbox is actually about the same size of the uncharged version, so it's much smaller than it looks and most of all doesn't go nearly as far as it looks. Also the projectile cannot rollcatch, as its short size and fast movement speed make it really easy to roll through it. If you want to use this in pvp I wouldn't recommend charging it, unless you think your opponent is very incautious. It's a shame that such a good looking and hard to obtain spell is so unreliable :T

Long story short: In my opinion the spell looks great, deals great damage and has rather low FP cost, but its deceptively small hitbox makes it almost useless in pvp. I think it will only be usable in From extends its hitbox so that it can rollcatch reliably.
Well it's useful in PVE at least... to some extent.
or make it larger. twice or tripple the length
Wouldn't it be awesome if you could cast this while holding the Moonlight Greatsword? Like- as a catalyst?
would you be able to distinguish it tho
I think it'd be cooler if you could use this spell with the moonlight greatsword in your hand and it'd apply it as a buff to the sword for 45 seconds, each swing would release a moonlight wave and charged moonlight waves would hit like a truck. It could also add magic damage to the sword, but i think just the above buff would be badass and would have EVERYONE using this pairing.