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When you realise the new curved Greatsword (heavy infused) at +10 has the same scaling and Base damage as Fume UGS +5...
i mean is that a bad thing
Of course that's a bad thing. The Fume is one of the heaviest weapons in the game and requires 50 STR to one hand and is an ultra. Compare that to the Harald Curved GS? That's *****ing stupid as it has far less weight, better weapon art, faster swing speed and a combo, smh.
i think the true ending will be added to the fire fades edition (bad english)
i doubt it, it's just going to be a bundle. And even if it did add something new like SotFS, it'll also be added to the base game through an update.


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spears of the church is not summoning me :X
Had the same problem. Then I realised the giant in the church still called me "stranger" or "rogue" instead of spear despite me having the ornament equipped. Then I went to the shrine and gave one spear token, the one you will find beyound the ladder that leads to Midir. After that the giant called me suddenly "spear". And EXACTLY one second later I was summoned! But even as a spear you will sometimes just not be summoned. My guess is it's a bug that will place you always at the end of the line when it comes to "who is boss next" for whatever reason. Change your covenant for a second or leave the area could help in such cases. Or, if still nothing happens, restart the game. What could possible also be a problem is your Soul Level. Try to stay around SL120-140. Thats where most people stop leveling up.
Kill Midir then XD
Miyazaaaaakiii !!!
Wow, everyone is salty to From now that Dark Souls series has come to an end.
Not me. I mean the ending of the dlc felt a bit weak, but I was very happy with it. Can't wait to see what he does next.
has it? That the "Last part of the series" babbling wasn't just to push the sells would be new to me. Oldes trick in the book. Or do you think FROM has no need for money? Stop believing everything someone tells you people. And be more critical about hyped games. What does it mean to you is important. Not what someone other tells you it sould be to you. Me for example never believes that Dark Souls (I love this game) is a RPG. Technical yes it is. But RPGs in my universe rely heavily on interaction with other people. In Dark Souls people are just sales man. It's all about action and exploration. "RPG" my a**.
great DLC but the weapons moveset went into the wrong direction. So far it was mainly one click, one hit without fancy moves. What Dark Souls weapon are about. Making strategical choices. Not spamming attacks. Unlike Friede or the Twinblades. But this DLC has a ton of extra move weapons you will only choose for these special attacks. It's like FROM thought "nah...who cares. It's the last DLC anyway, no more money to make. Let's go full crazy" .
I agree. If they wanted animelike specials they should have done it from the beginning. I like new weapons too but they just dont feel like dark souls. More like darksiders or witchers. Actually when I think about it, even though not as much like this dlc, ds3 went to this direction too.
You said it yourself. "Who cares?"
It was deplorable to put +3 rings in NG in the DLC. It's selling power and From should be ashamed.
Just buy the *****ing dlc it's just 15 bucks
He's right, though. In PvP terms, a person who buys this DLC is objectively more powerful than someone who hasn't. It's not much, but still*****ty
And? Anyone who is serious about DS3 will have bought the DLC.
+3 Wolf Knight Ring
what does it do ?
Triple more useless ?
Are you dumb? Wolf ring makes hyper armor even more OP
Poise has a cap so the ring is useless.
Poise has certain caps for certain weapons. It isn't useless if you learned what the thresholds are. You people...
So on the list for 'new enemies' you forgot the red cloaked hollow like enemies that prowl around the Ringed City, that I think they migth be the 'pygmies'
That's the Lothric Thief.
Lothric Thief
Where are the locusts? White preacher looking bugs and the feast npc