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Guts anyone?
Original joke!
Anonymous is an ******


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Will Trade titanite Slab for dis, PSN is Prozzorian
You cant trade upgrading materials
That's the joke, I guess.


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Doesn't work with Pontiff Eye Rings, Old Wolf Curved Sword, or Carthus Beacon. There is no bleed scaling with Luck on Splintering Bolts. The WA barely does more damage than a normal shot, IF you hit with most of the bolts. (You won't) I'm struggling to understand what the intention of this weapon is. Right now, it's just a nice looking pile of trash.

Buff crossbows or just give me my Sanctum Repeating Crossbow back...
Play smart, I won't get close to people using the splintering bolts, use it as a tool, not a weapon. I would use the profound greatsword's skill and not buff the blade just so people would roll back, followed by a heal, and sometimes I'll do it just to buff the blade.


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"Used in the battles of an endless journey"
Can you feel the Struggle?
Willing to trade! Xbox One: I Lenny I.
Is it good? Eh. Is it cool as heck? Yes.
I'm going to do some vampire hunting with this crossbow.


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ah ah may we meet in codevein
Let us cleanse these streets
So if the Avelyn + Splinter Bolts = Shotgun
So does this with Splinter Bolts = AA-12 Shotgun?
no, bolt properties are overridden by the WA
possibly, I know exploding bolts at least used to work with the weapon art, so I imagine splinter bolts will too
If an AA12 was loaded with marshmallows and confetti, sure. That's the kinda damage output you'll get.
I know you guys love the idea of machinegun build with this thing and Splintering Bolts. just as I do. I tested it out a few times, it deals next to no damage with splintering bolts in WA bolt barrage even at medium distance (where Splintering Bolts would shine when used with Avelyn or something similar).

So do you, know that when you fire Splintering Bolts it looks like big bundle of bolts that deals little damage when it hits, but if it flies it splinters to many little bolts with similar damage, delivering that "shotgun effect" at middle distance? Repeating Crossbow's WA has a bug where Splintering bolts just don't "splinter" sometimes as if you would hit people at a point blank range, so even visually volley of bolts looks almost the same with any regular kind of bolt. Pretty disappointing, really.

So if you really want it, you can try and solve something out of this combo, but I am warning you that it's probably not gonna neither look cool nor be effective. It's much better off being used with something that is not a Splintering or Explosive kind of bolt.
How potent is this with say the elemental bolts? How bad does it sting? I have this soul and I'm Considering getting this but i want to use it with the surplus of elemental bolts i have