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Very easy to dodge. Beat him 2nd try.
the weapon order is not fixed on the first fight. without phantoms i got sword spear curved sword back to spear then staff. that part should be taken out.



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I personally had straight sword, curved sword, staff, back to curved sword, then spear.
Bleed at 22 luck, 99 hollowing, using a carthus rouged washing pole (base bleed 38) proc'd in 5-6 hits. Fully fleshed bleed builds should take less especially with hollow weapons.

It says he is resistant, I havent tested anything as comparison but that seems more standard than resistant.
Huge amount of health, super agressivenes, constantly changing tactics? Yes, please! This is without a doubt the most perfect final boss ever, proof of that we not only learned and adapted to every kind of challange, but mastered them. He might not be the hardest or the most memorable of the bosses, but truly the most fitting.
However... Why is there no intro cinematic? The guy is on the freakin' cover of the game, he deserves at least two cutscenes! What, FromSoft tought we cannot fight with a raging boner? 'Cause I kinda got used to that during the Abyss Watcher fight...
I believe it's YOU on the cover, wearing the firelink armor.



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Still Champion Gundyr is more agressive.And i rly hate their charge attacks with spear.
His fighting style has changed with updates. In his second form, with reference to the melee strategy, after his jump attack, he may follow up with either a jab or overhead slam.
Seems like during the Phase 1, He's immune to frostbite. Tested this several times.
stupid ***** did one move ten times in a row
Is Soul of Cinder sentient? Or is he just a killing machine? What do you guys think?
he is a shawerma master
Ng 8 soloed gael now time for soul of cinder
We cant even get his exact set. Lame. I wanted that cute cape.


Battle Tested

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You're a cute cape ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)