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There are some rime blue-moss clumps at the bottom of the rope bridge after you cut it down, on the right with a corpse stuck under some rocks. Wasn't mentioned in the walkthrough so I thought I'd say something.
this is a wordy *** walkthrough
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This DLC is bad, really. Throwing dozens of enemies in an area isn't "difficult" it's nothing but bad game design. How do they expect someone to face 15+ wolves, 10+ ariandel followers, SIX Millwood knights (they're quite powerful), the tree women and two giant wolves with 15 estus? And it's not even the difficulty of the foes that ticks me, it's the fact that From just throws all of them in an area. That's cheap and unnecessary, considering how short the DLC is.

And just in case the 'git gud' squad invades, I'm quite good at this game. I just didn't enjoy playing this DLC. To me Dark Souls is about strategy, patience, and a difficulty that entices you to try again and learn from your failures, albeit being punishing. "Endless Wave" type of games are nothing but chores and that's exactly how this DLC felt like.

That being said, the scenery of Ariandel is very beautiful, the lore is rich and gripping. Also, Sister Friede is a GREAT boss. Solo-ing her is an incredibly rewarding experience. I died 4 or 5 times while fighting her because I just stood there and looked at how spectacular her attacks looked. She's one of the few redeeming points of the DLC, alongside the scenery, the new armors/weapons and the lore.

I don't regret spending for this DLC but it could've been so much better than what they gave us. I hope TRC will be better.
I felt pretty much the same way after starting the DLC. Just decided to run past them. From doesn't give you much of a reason to fight them, you're just gonna waste your time chugging estus fighting 1v5+

The only one of those things that I personally found to be an issue was the wolves, their positioning, and their absurd aggro ranges.

I really enjoyed fighting all of the other enemies so their numbers didn't bother me really. Stupid tree women notwithstanding, they're just boring.

A final note I suppose about the DLC... ***** those *****ing ninja crow *****s.
git gud :^)



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Personally I found any/all of the DS2 DLCs to be leagues better than this one in just about every way, but I too do not regret the purchase. The addition of the arena was nice, but I should add that the only thing I hated about the BoB arena in DS2 was that losing matches actually cost you progress, especially when the same was not true for the Blue Sentinels arena. I also agree that the Sister Friede boss fight was the only thing that truly redeemed this DLC along with a couple of interesting weapons (Onyx Blade, Crow Quills).
The wolves are super easy , just rollback and attack. You will end up killing them one by one. Enemy positioning is terrible. Remember the archer in Anor Londo? You have***** like that, Constantly over, and over, and over...

It never stops. Most of your fights, you will have someone sniping your from afar. Either being javeliners, the guy with the axe, or the archers. It's full of them. The wolves are easy , first, GET AWAY from the trees. Then roll alway and counter attack every wolf. The wolves are pretty organized, so they circle you and 2 or 3 attack , but they mostly attack at the same time, so a roll nulls those attacks. I can kill them in 1 or 2 hits with the sword
How was this DLC worst than DS2.
Yes, There is no way to join some fights not having the DLC. But the alt boss is way better than fighting two Tigers, or a blue Smelter Demon, Or freaking common toughened invaders. The level design is really confusing, And the problem is the setting. A snowy monuntain ensues you wll wander around open spaces. Constantly. And it get's frustrating, tiring. Many places feel cluttered with enemies while others feel empty. It's still better than electric reindeers, those pre Alt-boss infuriating corridors.
Get goof
"Waah waah waah, I suck and don't you dare point it out or I'll get angry!"

Git gud. DLC is fine, a bit short mayhap, but it's fine. You just suck balls mate.

Unlock the camera when fighting multiple enemies
Use a Faith build and then you have more than just 15 heals. With 9 estus and 6 ashen estus I had enough healing to clear the whole place without using a bonfire.
That's why you only need 15 int to abuse Hidden Body

You get to enjoy the beautiful scenery without dealing with the horrible enemy placement
hey i just got the DLC but cant play it or the slave wasn't shown up for me is there a recommended time in the game i have to get up to, to be able to play it???
Make sure you actually installed the dlc.
Just buying the season pass allows you to download the DLC. Now go to the PSN-Shope and download the DLC.
If you have the silvercat ring, you can jump all the way down without taking damage, after you climb down the broken rope bridge.
Actually, even with the Silvercat Ring I had plunged to my death since the ring only prevents fall damage. The ring does not completely negate it.
The maps are too confusing..
Horrible DLC, bad maps and bad enemy placement. They don't understand what makes combat and exploration in DS good. They dont understand their own game.
So I noticed that at the Champion's grave bonfire there is loot on top of the tower in the boss area, but I don't see any way of getting up there. Anyone know?
illusory wall in the basement with the bugs and the switch that opens the boss room, i think. have fun!
If you go throught 'The Ringed City (DLC)', the summon 'Gael' will be no longer available for fighting againtst 'Sister Friede'. !!!!!!
found this too, but i checked and summon sign disapear only after beatin demon twins boss,
Once on the bottom, you will find a bonfire on the frozen water, in an alcove to the side