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PS4 psn is gallagher-07
Mainly looking for pyromacy/caster items. I don't like melee too much. Add me and I'll tell you the list I'll need/want.
Xbox one
Looking for cat ring and yhorms machete. +2 rings would be great too. Message me at yung hummuh
Ps4: InvisibleGF
Just looking to trade some things to a different one of my guys.
PSN chi_masta i need help with the same thing. Let's connect
Ps4: ciccio0207
Searching for a pyromancy flame.
Dude just find Cornyx in the Undead Settlement not that hard.
My psn account is osmandslayer. I need all the Rings for the trophy. Instead I will do anything for the person who gives me all of the Rings. I will return them at once.
Give me $10 per ring
Look below. Someone is selling all rings for $10 (for ps4).
On PS4 I'd like to do a dragonslayer Swordspear run with a brand new character but I don't think I have anything worth trading
add chi_masta on PSN. I'll trade you one, maybe you could help me swap items to another character in exchange?
Can you trade ammunition?
Hello! I'm trying to Platinum the game, and I only require one item, the regular Wolf Ring. I can give it back immediately after, I'm eventually going to farm for my own. I'm on Xbox One, my gamertag is CataclysmLucius
Go on r/pumparum
Is it possible to trade fading souls? If it is i will buy them i collect them my user is darting arrow22 i use an xbox one tell me if you sell



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Note: if you want Twin Prince's Sword in NG, you can trade the weapons, but not the souls. So have a friend transpose to a weapon, then you get the other.
Otherwise, you would have to go to ng+1 to get the sword, and ng+3 if you want the base swords and the combined version.