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Estuans interius ira vehementi
Estuans interius ira vehementi

I made a sephiroth build and used the washing pole as my main.
Sors imanis
Et inanis
Sors imanis
Et inanis
i couldve sworn I searched the longbow...
If you want low level PVP this weapon hits harder than Chaos blade +2 despite the S calling it gets on +2.
Weird enough the Uchigatana hits slightly harder on +4 when infused with sharp ( it gets an B, while washing pole stays at C) and allows you to stay at 13 STR with more Dex points.

Its really a question if you prefer the long hitboxes over the slightly bit of power.. Good luck.
This is a review of the weapon while I cry about it.
Simply put, it's amazing. Very high damage, can buff that ***** to insane amounts, THE RANGE, pretty decent stamina cost, good speed, tops all other katanas. The downfall, nobody likes you...using this in pvp I will call in 8 phantoms to gank you and report you to the police **** the washing pole
10/10 would ***** the washingpole again.
git gud
Sucks to suck, man.
These other replies can't read.
Git gut
Aww.. Did somebody use it on you? Better call the Estocbulance for you.
Git Gud, time for but hole.
I'm using it for both, PVP as well as PVE. In PVE I especially love it because of the onehanded normal and rolling R2 attack. Both are extremely effective for counterattacks, due to the long range. Though, I'm always losing in PVP because my R1 combo is not stunning the opponents, whereas I get stunned all the time. What am I doing wrong?
its counter is great sheilds. i fought a guy with this he got ONE hit on me because he used the stances r1 after spamming the running attack and parry to no avail
git gud
In the german translation its called Nodachi
Yeah the washing pole is based on the nodachi, the name washing pole is a joke or a nod to the nodachi, probably a mistranslation in the german version
Washing pole is the name of the katana that Sasaki Kojiro used. it was know for is size. And odachi/nodashi are the same thing.
That's also the Italian translation


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Actually, the real reason as to why it's dubbed the "Washing pole" is because realistically, no man could effectively wield a blade that size, much less on foot. So it was said that it was better off used a clothes dryer/hanger. Aka, the Washing Pole
I'm new to this, what is more edgy and hated? This or the Onikiri and Ubadachi?
This. I think the Onikiri WA was nerfed in the latest patch.
Yes, it was nerfed
this was always worse, onikiri are just really strong but this is flatline overpowered
Scrub Pole is more annoying than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I've been running through PVE with a few Sully PvP rounds, using the washing pole as a secondary with my Brig. Twindaggers and has been working fairly well.
This weapon is terminal cancer, i really dont know why FS makes weapons like this... it makes chaos blade looks like a REALLY bad joke.
it has a counter. great sheilds i kicked *** against a guy using the washing pole well i had havels great shield and the dragosn tooth
It's not "terminal cancer" it's just a weapon.

Also cancer is a real disease in real life you know...
Terminal cancer is great fym


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Even post nerf it's still quite good but it's virtually vanished from PvP as of late, at least from what I've seen.
You need to be invaded. It's still a good weapon to chase don't people when they are trying chug.
True, i havent seen many people use this after it got nerfed. But its still a great weapon thanks to the range.
i fought a guy using this and i had havels shield and the dragon tooth. all he did was running attacks for a while and thos did nothing then he jsut went for parrys after he relized spamming runing attacks was a poor descision. he hit me once because he hit me with the stances r1 instead of going for the parrys everytime. in short this thing is ***** verses a great shield
I never wanted both to die... a washing user and a havel shield user