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In the second phase pay attention on where the Lothric's projectiles fly - the bros will immediately teleport there, which may have an awful end for the ashen one. so just roll away from the spot.
I need help. I can't summon Sirris and Orbeck. I looked all over the area and there were no signs! I completed Sirris' storyline and gave Orbeck all 4 scrolls and bought all of his spells. Am I supposed to beat another boss to make them appear before I fight this awful fight?
make sure you're embered. that's the only thing I can think of. honestly I recommend not summoning for this fight, though. your summons are terrible at staying alive and it will only draw out the more difficult second half for longer.
with orbeck also make sure you completely exhaust his dialogue, and that he is not in the shrine anymore.
wish we could get a bloodborne-style alternate ending where you just agree to not link the fire and bro it up with the princes til the end of the world. they seem like they'd be chill to just hang out with.
It is interesting how Lothric and Andre are the only ones who move their mouths while talking.
This is easier than the hollows in cemitery of ash
Obvious troll is obvious
black knight shield is my go to shield, and the irithyl straight sword was one of the few wepons i had already enhanced, i was pretty lucky
I have no idea how but I got INVADED by Creighton during Twin Princes boss fight!!! He killed Sirris, killed Orbeck and let me fight the boss all alone after I finally killed him. Guess what happened then...Even after I've done all Sirris quest line and killed him several times, this b**** came back from the deepest hell to haunt me! So if you intend to summon Sirris for this boss fight be carefull.
You were boss invaded. Some guy cosplayed as Creighton and Boss invaded you.
Why the ***** is there no summon signs for this ***** apparently Orbeck is *****ing trash against this fool on 2nd phase
Need help sl 81 xbox one
f**** cheap!!
Bloody expensive...