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I got all rings but no trophy. Looking for a friend to drop me 107 rings. 5 a stack. Promise to return, pls msg me psn is "gankersnitemare"
Try storing them and taking them back out.
I am at 97% trophy completion and I still do not understand what rings I am missing do I need all the NG+, NG++ rings too or just every different kind of ring... I need help :( PSN: XzNinja_FreakzX if anyone wants to help here is my PSN just message me PLEASE! anything will help.
Do you have all covenant rings? Cuz I farmed proof of a concord kept (that was insane) and now I'm farming wolfs blood swordgrass for the wolf's ring (+0). It's the only ring left for platinum :)
Yeah I'm farming for the plat too, I'll add you in a bit
I don't get what you are missing. Look at your rings and cross reference them with the rings above and whatever you don't have, you get.
if one of your ring is from another player it would not count
This achievement should be worth at least 150 points not f****ing 30 (Xbox One). Hardest achieve to get and really annoying, you have to play game again and again (which is not satisfying when you are playing only to collect rings). Very bad movement from Bandai to force players of getting it. It will be easier to kill Nameless King with naked fists than collect all the rings.
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Do not do my big mistake..
I had all 107 rings and I didn't get the I dropped all the rings in the firelink to pick up again.. Sooooooo I get only 30 rings.. I was so close to brake my PS4..

Stupid ***
damn dude that sucks


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i did the same thing friend. unfortunatly i lost the darkmoon ring and you cant get that back
You didn't explain what happened. You just said you dropped the rings and don't make my mistake. We can't just assume we know what you are not saying.
If you drop more than 30 items, any subsequent items disappear and are unable to be picked back up. So if you drop all your rings you will lose all but 30
Getting basic list of those rings is a worst nightmare ever and to get achieve you have to get same rings in +++++ ??? for what ?! what is the pleasure of playing this game only to get another*****ty ring with some + in description ? I agree with different endings or if you missed some items in previous runs but rings ? come on !!!. Whoever collected the rings should already feel as one of the chosen ones because is really hard to get all rings listed above at all. F***ck me 107 pointless rubbish. Creators of this game had an bad headache ....... instead of making player happy of beating boss/creature they made it frustrating and annoying .... completely pointless
Whinging ***** !
...this is dark souls...
i totally agree (At least they didn't bring back the no bonfire and no death rings from DS2)
What a *****ing mess From Software. Why not just make one version of every ring and have them all be good, instead of having tons of repeats and most of them being practically worthless? Quality over quantity for Christ's sake.
I do not have the dlc purchased.. do i need the chillbite ring if i want the achievment ?
nope. at least I highly doubt it
How many playthroughs minimum do I need to do to get all rings?
NG+++ for the few rings that go to +3
NG+2, the only +3 version is the life ring which you get in NG+2 since both NG and NG+ ring is in NG+.


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NG+2, the new +3 rings can be found in NG, because they are found in the dlc. You do not need to go into NG+3 to find these rings.
3 if wanting all (non DLC) +3 rings
Since the ninja flip is in the game code, there's a probability they will place something in the new DLC that will work similliarily to the Dark Wood Grain Ring from Dark Souls 1.


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Hopefully they do add it in the ringed city dlc
Well Soul of Cinder flips like that.
It's not in the DLC, and it's only in the code so that the Soul of Cinder can do it.
Imo it's the code for the special ability for the murky hand scythe
I got all the rings from all the tiers, but the achievement does not complet... what am i suppose to do??
Try putting them all in your storage and taking them back out again. That fixes that problem for some people.
From second to last paragraph above: "The Trophy/Achievement may be glitched and despite having all 107 rings in your inventory it may not register. In this case drop 15 rings, then pick them up again, then drop a different 15 and pick them up. Do this until it registers. DO NOT drop any more than 15 to be safe. The game only allows about 30 rings to be on the ground at any time and will delete any number more than that. It's recommended that you make a backup of your save before doing this. It is still possible to obtain all of the rings in a later runthrough as each has a specific location, so don't worry if you didnt get the NG+ rings in NG+. (Obtained every ring at NG+5, confirmed)."


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yea dont be stupid like me i dropped all 107 rings and only got 22 back, i cannot put the anger i had into words.
Person above is right. Use the storage box to add and remove rings. No need to drop :)