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Sirris says she an adversary to me now. I tried to progress her quest at the same time of Leohnard's. I offered Rosaria a pale tongue, returned to Firelink to see her standing up. I talked to her and she said y'know we're adversaries now. I tried changing my appearance to see if she'd return because she disappeared after that I talked to her. Haven't seen her since. Did I fail her quest? What do I do?
yeah, you failed it. progressing in the Rosaria covenant fails immediately, as mentioned by the wiki.
After failing her questline like this, is there any way to find her to kill her and get her stuff? Or am i *****ed
I need help
Sirris' summon sign didn't showed up after i killed sulyvanh's beast.
reload the area
Make sure you have done the Dreamchaser's ashes.
Her sign showed up around where the beast spawned not in the middle of the bridge try there
I wanted to complete her questline on my current playthrough but I failed somewhere.
I didn't return to the shrine at all after I killed the Abyss Watchers and all through the catacombs through to Irithyll, where I finally returned then went back to get summoned by Sirris, only to find nothing, so I'm sure I missed the second encounter with her at the shrine but I didn't know you had to speak to her before a certain point.
You have to loot the dreamchaser's ash in farron keep to trigger the second encounter where she "befriends" you.
This is FALSE!! -->> "you have to defeat 3 lords of cinder"
I only defeated the abyss watchers and aldrich and her summon sign appeared near the pit of hollows.
P.S: Grandad hits hard!
If i went into NG with rosaria's fingers as my covenant will i fail the quest line?
going into NG+ should reset your covenant progress since its a "fresh" start
Not in DS3, covenant ranks persist into NG+. However, only offering tongues to Rosalia will fail her quest. Not equipping or using the covenant.
Her summon sign dont appear at twin princes although she sweared loyalty to me. Any suggestion why? Im lvl 50, no other summon sign appears and alone this fight is no fun
OK went to dark firelinkshrine, the only thing i hadnt done, went back and the sign appeared...
Found out sirris is a useless piece of*****
NPCs in general have garbage AI, but at the very least they make good meat shields.
The shield does actually appear at his grave, I just now picked it up...
dont know if this is a glitch... killed yorm after failing her quest went to the area and her sign was there