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Just use this and a Greatshield with (Greater) Magic Shield, timing your blocks and swings accordingly and you can defeat anything and anyone. Usable for any build. Any Infusion. The description doesn't joke.


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A bit sad, though... I used to like big swords. :(
So basically be like every other guy that has a SL 120 character?
What are you? Casul? a great shield AND great magic barrier? Really?
Greater magic shield*
This sword is pretty much twice it's length in PvP.
It's called latency. Your hit box is trailing behind you and the guy can still get a hit in even though you're 5 feet out of range, hence the term 'ghost range' or the 'rubber band' lag. If you are experiencing this, odds are you're opponents are too. Use this to your advantage, and get the 1st hit it. It'll get them spooked and put them on the defensive.
Don't take this the wrong way, i'm actually trying to be useful and help you: You have bad internet connection. I promise you, things are SO much more fair when you have a decent connection, problems you were having will disappear. If you haven't already, you should connect your console directly to your modem via ethernet cable. As the anon stated, you're suffering from latency, though this doesn't necessarily mean that the other person is having this issue as well as they said it does, what is happening is that you're moving on your screen, but on the opponents screen you're teleporting around and they're hitting you while you stand in place before teleporting. The most obvious sign of latency is when people hit you from far away, if they're fighting the air then that means one or both of you is lagging and the opponent is attacking your character just standing there . You having latency issues doesn't mean that the opponent is as well though.
I just noticed something I'd like to share with everyone due to all the whining about the dark sword; this weapon, when at +10 and refined, has EXACTLY the same damage and scaling as the dark sword, and a much more usable 1h strong attack imo, and when element infused it actually deals out more damage. And all the while it requires 6 less strength and 5 less dex to wield, and weighs 1.5 units less, and has all the same moveset and stamina consumption. I guess before it got slightly nerfed the dark sword would've dealt out 5% more damage, which considering all the above it should've, but no, noobs wanted something to blame so they could pretend they weren't terrible and now the awesome looking dark sword is pretty much useless compared to the freaking long sword you can start the game with, yet I don't hear anyone crying "NERF THE LONGSWORD!"



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"Awesome looking Dark Sword"

I'm sorry what?

You are the first person who I have seen that thinks Dark Sword looks good.

Just, why, even Broadsword is better looking than Dark Sword.

Dark Sword is just way too big
It was the Dark Swords weapon art that made it good.

The idea was that people instinctively rush in to attack when that weapon art is initiated but being that it is smaller, it typically completed its weapon art faster. This put poise to use, since poise applies only to weapon art.
That's what she said :D
The reason not many people are whining about the Longsword is because there is not very much to whine about. Since this weapon is severely underrated and noobs haven't found out about this yet then there is really no need to whine or complain about something that the player has not yet encountered. The reason behind all the salt from the Dark Sword is not only from the fact that its damage was reasonably high but also because of the way noobs used the weapon. They just spam R1 and after the fight act like they are untouchable legends.
I really can't stand it anymore that all these self-claimed elitists are allways talking ***** about "R1-spammers".
Actually if you're talking about skill, as in efficiency, then this game is clearly centered about picking up a Refined Broadsword or Chaos/Dark Long Sword and "spam R1".
Everyone that observes the game mechanics has to admit sometime that the game is just programmed that way.
Think about it.
R1 spammers? Untouchable legends? Definitely not. If they spam R1 they are just asking to be dodged behind and back stabbed.
So, you are saying you lose against r1 spammers? You need to git gud then.
"An elegant weapon...for a more civilized age."
Buff the FUGS
FUGS is whack man. Cathedral knight sword is basically same damage but strike AND thrust (for Leo ring) and so much lighter for header armer and an actual shield. Plus looks clean AF.
Its just a decent sword guys!
Hi need help. i have raw longsword+3 but it wont infuse with raw gem.. I have raw gem but no option to infuse longsword with it.. what's lacking ? =(
Some infusions require one of the coals.
the fact that its already raw?
its already raw
"i have a RAW longsword +3 but it wont infuse with RAW gem"- lol. Is this a troll?
Look at that scaling. Same scaling as refined gotthard twinswords but has higher AR. I know what I'm using against the princes now.
long sword is best sword. 'nuff said
What about broadsword?
As stated above: the broadsword offers higher damage, but less range and not as good moveset.