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time for tears



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Does anyone know if i am able to start this AFTER getting ending B? Am i too late?
Yes you can I just did it started the chapter where you ask pascal about A2 and I got to redo it.
Having the same issue, the lunar tear isnt showing up in the mall on 3rd playthrough. Did you ever figure it out?
Yep, you can do it any playthrough. Just make sure to read the Way Bored email in your inbox, then go chat with him and the elevator key will work.
You always can go back to chapter 7 after end the (e)nd of yorha and do the quest
Don't know if this is common, but the quest seemed to glitch for me. I got the elevator key on the first playthrough but didn't finish the quest. Now the quest tells me I already have the elevator key when I should be getting it and I can't use the elevator. The quest disappears from my quest log and I can inspect the first lunar tear again to restart the quest, but can't inspect any of the other lunar tears. Currently stuck. Going to next new game plus soon to see if it'll reset it properly.
I glitched the quest somehow as well. I think mine glitched due to dying after getting the forest tear and on my way back I picked it up again, which somehow pushed the quest one stage further instead of actually makingmme get all the tears (never picked up the desert one). So in a new playthrough also nice and stuck. Got the key, elevator won't do anything. yay broken
You just need to read the email from Emil again that says WAYY BOREEDD and then talk to him once more - he'll mention he lives way underground, then voila, the elevator key will work :)
I found giant emil heads in the desert



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Glad to see someone else found those. Thought I was going mad.
can you reword number 3 its wayy to vague, the tunnels have TWO uturn points, one going north and another south, which one? thanks



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If you mean the one in the Desert Zone, I think it is found by following the underground cave to it's larger and more natural ending. It puts you high on a rock when you come out. I'm not sure how to explain this better so not sure how to rewrite it.
Can I still do this quest now that I'm on Route C? It doesn't seem like there's a way to trigger it anymore...
You can also see kaine's painting of her grandma in the house, its about as crude and ugly as it was described in nier 1. I had massive chills running down my spine when i realized what it was.