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he negatively scales with your equipped Poise, the General formula seems to be this: 10- 0,1/ Poise Point for example: if you equip this spear with 0 Poise he grants 10 Poise, if you equip greirats hat(1poise) spear will raise poise by 9,9 Points (10- 0,1) if you now equip yhorms shield and nothing else he grants + 5,5 Points to Poise (10-4,5) (tested with +0 both)
a few upgrade paths are Missing for this Weapon.
oh and the moves set also.
We are missing some infusions
Why the dislikes? It's true
Can someone fix this thing? it's kinda buggy as hell.


Battle Tested

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Very interesting and addictive charge art attack. Great reach, good damage, hits multiple times (going to test bleed and poison later). Looks superb, and boost poise and hard to stop the lance charge once you start it.
+6 is 93phys/115light
+7 is 95phys/121light

D/D/A scaling 6 and 7

damage reductions are (6->7)
Phys 42.7-
Mag 28.5-
Fire 23.7-
Light 26.5->26.8
Dark 28.5
The charge L2 can be parried :/ Just a PSA for you fellow spear users
You need to switch up your attacks, with this weapon especially you need to be unpredictable. What is important to know, is that the R2 poke looks almost EXACTLY the same as the charge animation, except you keep running forward instead of poking. I often catch people off guard in duels by getting them used to staggered R2 pokes and then finally unleashing hell when they thought rolling back just once was enough.

Mind games, man. Mind games. Also remember your only unparriable attack is the running R2, use it wisely against parry kings.
Interesting to know that the r2 and charge look the same way, I didn't notice, thank you I'll keep this in mind when pvping, seem like a great finisher
Str dex sharp 20/50 or refined 40/40, id like to go with dex to save the points for another stat but if its significantly better as a quality weapon ill go with that, cant find info on how they scale with those infusions
If you get this weapon and waste shards on it get ready to have your spear deflected off of ANY enemy with a shield!
Just get ready to poke a hollow with a cracked round shield and have your spear bounce off leaving you vulnerable and looking like a real fool.
Are all the other spears this way as well? Really disappointing!
Every weapon have their pro and con, that spear have crazy range and is a beast with leo ring for example, hardly a waste of shards.



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I have a character with a Refined Lothric Knight Spear +6 and I have experienced the exact same problem you described, not sure about the other spears as this is the only one i've bothered to try or will bother to try, for that matter.
That's how spears are. Get comfortable controlling crowds with spacing and backstabbing or shield-kicking the enemies that do have shields. That and... you should probably have more than one weapon to more easily handle a variety of situations (ie. something big and heavy could be complemented by something small and fast like a straight sword)
Try holding with both hands
two-handing this weapon negates that problem.