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Is this or the corvian great scythe better for a Pricilla bulid?
the lifehunt scythe was basically a huge chunk of metal formed into a claw with a stick to hold it. I don't see any of that in Friedes scythe and all who tell otherwise just want a "bad *** Priscilla cosplay" instead of a true one. Corvian GS fits most. period
Is this Scythe or the corvian great scythe better for a Priscilla build?
Corvian Scythe is a lot more like the Lifehunt scythe, but Friede's Great Scythe is approximately 700% more badass.
Corvian fits better, as it is both like Lifehunt and is visually more correct, I think. Friede's is just a straight stick with a blade on the end, hardly even fit to mow the grass. Priscilla's was actually an attempt at making scythe look at least somewhat combat-compatible.
"700% more badass"? For my Death cosplay it looked too girly like. Blade is way to small and the mad attack looks more like a crow hacking on something in madness. Move is artificial and unbelievable.
why the ***** wa r1 doesnt use fp????? i think its a cool weapon but for that ***** u dont have to drink in duel so its not balanced
because its a dual wield weapon like the drang twinspears when you use the wa r1 its just the standard dual atk like with gravewarden blades.
the secondary blade is pure magic, thus it takes focus to maintain and manifest
This reaper is pretty OP. The second you are cought in the weapon art attack you are pretty much dead....
if you get one shot by the WP your hp is trash or your just not rolling and just sitting there and taking it...
this weapon ruins pvp. its so retarted its insane. range is above average and can deal insane 1shot combo. every ds pvp is ruined by dlc.
there is a reason 643 ar weapons are slow. with the exception of dlc weapons of course. rip dark souls.
Just press the roll button, you´l be fine lol
no, every ds pvp is ruined by gank*****s. *sees self out*
Anyone else notice how the 2h R1s do the exact same damage as the 2h uncharged R2s? Why is this so? Bug, or intended? If it's intended then the uncharged R2s are pretty much useless, since they consume more stamina than R1s.
2H R2s are faster and have a vertical hitbox thats a lot more relyable than the R1s, making them far from useless


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Anyone got an extra one of these kinda want to try them out before i decide to either pop the soul for souls or use the soul for the weapon (PS4 same name)


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Still haven't gotten the soul This is a pre-decision test
Defeat the boss and transpose the soul for the weapon. If you regret your decision it's fine since you can make up for the souls in NG+ easily.


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I can say i am quite enjoying this weapon at the moment. Its really fun to use the special, and it is aesthetically pleasing to look at
who the hell would pop the soul for souls?
I agree with people who refer to this as a balanced weapon. I love it for its aesthetic purposes, albeit I agree that it looks more like an extended Kama or pick, but it's being able to pull out the second ice scythe and stalk around menacingly. I speak merely from a PVE perspective, but I use it on a character that I have pretty much balanced stats on. I like to be able to change up my play style at a whim based on my moods, and it is an excellent weapon for a build like that.
Overall I am pretty pleased with it.
By far the most broken weapon in the entire game. Completely and utterly unbalanced for PvP.
Lol...Try using it in PvP yourself and see if its that broken...
git gud
its time for you to git gud m8
your probably a dark sword rb spamming noob


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Go buy a skill then.


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More like one of the most balanced weapons in the game for what it does. The damage is ultimately to low for it to actually be broken, not to mention how easy it is to roll out of the weapon art. People using this weapon are easy to bait into being left open cuz they be L1 spammers, so just bait out a combo, and get a free backstab. Its not hard to play against at all.
Its not unbalanced as you think, you can actually parry the weapon art/stance r1, more specifically the second swing (from the actual scythe). So when you see someone using the stance and r1, just try to parry the second swing. Or you know, have a weapon that has a weapon art perseverance and tank it.
You dont even need to have perseverance, everything other than light weapons can stagger you during the WA R1, unless youre using heavy armour and wolf ring, which is not easy to pull off unless you invest heavily on vitality, for example an uncharged 2H R2 from a greatsword stops it right away
a powerful spell can truely punish this weps r1 art, chaos vestiges, gss/cgss, sls, etc.
The AR on character screen is wrong for this weapon (similar to dancer blades). When not using the second scythe it deals only physical damage (normal R1s and R2s) easy to check with magic clutch ring. Only the second scythe deals magic damage.