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Send in your most interesting build and its stats letts see some fashion souls


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this is what I play at the moment in the arena (along with the other 3 or 4 guys still playing DkS3 in the entire world lol)


it is all about the looks: all shiny cold metallic hues with the dancer/outrider mixup. the outrider helmet gives this warframe / xenopmorphic aspect to the toon that matches the almost organic features of the weapons. And of course those weapons are borderline OP ^_^

here is a link to see the armor combo with the claws (but wrong sword equipped)
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i made dagger guy last week. he's viable PVE and PVP.

thief starting class, sl 31 +4 weap upgrade, 15 vig, 40 luck with 2 hollow weapons. didnt touch other stats. (edit; 1 point in str, from 9 to 10 cause ghru takes 10 str)

the weapons are hollow bandit knife right hand and hollow ghru dagger left hand. rings life + 3, ring of fap+2, prisoners chain, and the last flynn's but also used chloranthy+2. weight was Always under 30%.

tactic: wield ghru dagger two hand and put poison resin on it. scratch your opponent/enemy till he is poisoned. then switch to bandit knife two hand, put bleed resin on top and finish the job.

the idea was to beat the game with a low sl with daggers only, but Yhorm would take an hour or so, so i used stormruler there. dragonslayer was also a problem, did way too less damage and he dont bleed or can be poisoned, so i used my anri's there. but for the rest i used only daggers, even on dancer, twin princess and endboss. and it was suprisingly easy as u can quickstep through ALL boss attacks.

so after i beat the game with my sl 31 +4 dagger guy, i moved him to ng + for fun invasions or hosting with dried fingers. ofcourse daggers only.

so why hollow?
the bleed/poison build up is higher while the ar is about the same as when u go physical. at the start of the game there was the issue that luck didnt affect bleed/poison build up PVP but they fixed that with a patch so now it's viable as hell.

fashion i keep secret.
sl59 faith guy +8
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