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Loving this Shield when i 2-hand my weapon,especially Katana and Greatsword or weapon that cost a lot of stamina per hit
yer doin it right
no stability info on shield upgrade? that is some bad table.
You just needed to read.
Stability 56/57 at +4/+5
do the stamina regen goes faster when you reinforce the shield?
why is the notes and tips classified this as one of the Enchanted Blue Shield like the Dragon Crest and Crest Shield ?

"One of the crest Shields, each one specializes in a different niche.
Improves Stamina recovery by 4 points per second while equipped."

it description says
"Old medium metal shield of unknown origin.

The grass crest is lightly imbued with magic, which slightly speeds stamina recovery."

while the Enchanted Blue Shields both have the following (paranthesis for dragon crest) :

"A knight's shield engraved with a crest (depicting a dragon.)

One of the enchanted blue shields."

This shield doesn't so let us please remove the mention in Note and TIps please ( especially that it doesn't have any specialized stat reduction)
It is a "crest" shield though. So I can see why they lumped in with the others
Tank, spank and run forever
I would leave this is storage if you have the stam regen ring as the extra stam regen does not really seem to help with shields much, it would be better to dodge sometimes then it would to let your shield take a hit.
its absolutely better to dodge than block bc blocking is *****ed in ds3, but its still great to have on your back while 2handing something


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If people use this they're not using it as a shield. It's a back accessory almost exclusively.
Need adding?
Does anyone know if the Stamina regeneration also works if it's not on my back but in one of the offhand slots?
It's just not doing well with an evil bleed build but more Stamina regeneration is always useful
The stamina regeneration still works if its on your back.
You must be holding it for it to work. It's fine if it's on your back, but if it's just in a second hand slot, no
Best back ornament in the entire Souls series.
+5 = 160+ and only the stability changes, it grows to 57.

+4 = 144+ with 56 stability.


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This was good, then I found the Chloranthy Ring and a way better shield in the same basic area.