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Why did they make it glow like that? Looks like a plastic toy, same as Lorian's Greatsword.
SoC mad swing? Where From? WHERE?!??!
Ironically, on the Ring Knight Straight Sword
If only you could do that combo on the soul of cinder 2nd phase that would be amazing
The second phase is Gwyn, the final boss of the first Dark Souls, so it wouldn't make sense.
This, is hands down the best greatsword in the dark souls trilogy, because if reinforced to +15, this thing is a complete beast, that can destroy anyone on pvp or pve, even though you can't shift the firelink sword into other weapons (that would've been the perfect Shift + M1 weapon art, while the perfect Ctrl M1 weapon art would've been a fire buff that would remain on the sword until the player character clicked Ctrl + M1 again) I still think that this beats every other greatsword in DSIII
+15? I think you mean +5 lol. Still, I agree with you. This sword great, underrated, but great.
I agree, because the sword isn't some R1 spammer weapon, it is a well designed and fair weapon (compared to the ever so over used claymore, not saying it's bad, it's just over used), that also has cool lore behind it, such as the fact that the sword was placed in the fire when it was first created. over all, I think that this is the best greatsword
I like it. But it will be better if there is one more firelink straight sword in soul transposition
from messed up imo with the weapon art i feel you should hold LT and press RB to transform the weapon and RT to use a attack that changes depending on which form your using similar to how SoC changes his playstyle throughout the fight
Soul of Cinder... is a player changing his equips... they even use the same player movements and gear from various games... it even does gwyn.
It is far from being meta but since greatswords are in general one of the best (if not the best) type of weapon you simply cannot go wrong with it. I personally adore fgs bastardish moveset with broad, heavy swings but the weapon art is what makes this sword! The damage isn't astonishing but I love seeing people rolling into the flames! Give it a shot - it is a great fun to use and stylish as ***** <3
They need to at least scale this a c with strength
Was disappointed to find out it doesn't transform.
Why would you think it transforms?
Because the Soul of Cinders sword transforms?