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Using this set at the moment, is there a better medium armour set?
Brass set, fallen knight set are both top tier medium armor set, with the dancer set almost being on par with alva 's in terms of weight/poise ratio
The sarcastic yay more poise if it existed, the thing is since hyper armour you can't really have both or you'll have havels and naked guys just tank every hit and not even stagger
It's pretty dumb how he invades again in the Ringed City but doesn't drop his armor if you kill him. I missed out the first time and I really like the set, I thought From was giving us another chance but NOPE.
just do new game +???
I killed Alva's spirit, explored the entire area around Karla's cell. I've only found embers and a few items in other cells. I don't know why, but I don't seem to see Alma's armor anywhere in the area. Can anyone tell me what could have happened? (I've killed Pontiff Sulyvahn, if that has any effect on it)
It is because you killed Pontiff Sulyvahn.



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Killing the Pontiff has nothing to do with Alva appearing it is Yhorm, if killed, that causes him to not invade. I suggest reloading the area either by quitting or warping back to the bonfire. If you defeated him and ran through the dungeon without resting there is a good chance it would not appear. A lot of equipment that is based off defeating a red NPC functions like that. You need to reload the world for it to reappear.
for if you want to to rush to have this fabulous set early without the necessary exploration, keys, etc.

I just arrived at the Church of Yorshka bonfire, then dashed to Distant Manor bonfire, killed Alva, dashed to Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, and finally dashed through mobs via the linked video.

It also didn't seem to mess up Siegward's questline as I was stil able to meet him at the fireplace with the estus soup.
Why did they make this look so weathered compared to the DS 2 version? I know Alva is supposed to be travelling and whatnot, but the DS 2 version looks more crisp and has alot more detail. The 2nd layer of the skirt is removed, the golden embroidery at the edges of the skirt and scarf are almost gone, including the center symbol at skirt. Not to mention that the legs are noticeably curved outward making you look like you have midget legs. I hoped they just directly imported the DS 2 model and textures.
Century's of wear and tear.
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exactly what i was thinking, i just hate the fact that the slots in the face plate arent darkened out