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When farming, use Red/Halberd. Staggers skeletons excelently!
Also try abyss watchers bonfire and go right. Roll through skeleboulder and fight BOTH GS skeletons.
Souls go to those who are having a hard time farming.

1st enemy down, got it, 111 discovery... Extremely lucky. I have 11 luck.
Found it on first trip through carocombs. Zero points into luck. Just "lucky" I guess.
lucky ain't the word for it....
Good with 30 strength, 40dex, 40 luck. ring and hollow luck lvl too
What ring?
I have a Blood Infusion 50 lck +10 ^ and have a 70 Bleed effect
with to hit they are bleeding
I find this hard to believe, but then again I don't have a bleed infused +10 with 50 luck, but I know that at 30 luck +10 it gets 56 in bleed
big bleed weapons are pointless in this game they a just too slow. avoid them nad get a faster one.
They buffed base bleed on this wep, plus with rouge I bleed in two-three hits. Or just one battle art
Not Carthus Curved GS, when infused with hollow it gets a ridiculously high bleed. Of course Oni&Uba and Warden Twinblades are better choices for PvP, but Carthus CGS is awesome in PvE and I got a lot of kills in PvP with this baby as well. Not as much as with Oni&Uba tho
carthus curved greatsword meta when
with the new update this thing gets 108 bleed at 50 luck on bleed infusion
can basically bleed anyone in 2h r1 l2 r1
I can't seem to even land the whole weapon art after and r1, is there a trick to it?
Built an entire chaos/pyromancer character around this sword. Looks like it was nerfed, it scales c and c with int. and faith at +7, now its absolute garbage for chaos infusion...
It's actually a bug, they meant to increase the damage of all "magic" infusions but it didn't go as planned. Will be fixed soon and buffed to better than they were before the most recent patch
yeah, this unintentional nerf made the DLC a nightmare. are you certain that from soft has caught on and do you by any chance know when it will be fixed? I would like a source if you can find it :)
underrated using this weapon with luck build 30STR 40DEX 51LUCK with hollow infusion and get an overall damage of 511 with 39 bleed and it's not even to its full potential yet P.S. great range, best range for CGS i think
Scales S in sharp now