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This is my second(first is dragonslayer greataxe) favorite weapon for pvp its damage is sick
Can do 1200+ damage with a rather tricky combo of 2h r1 and 2h r2, making sure to hit with the first part of the strong attack and turning around to hit with second part of the strong attack.
I got rekt with that combo yesterday, I was like 'wtf? 3 hit stun lock?'
I *****ing love this combo. So satisfying to land it.
this thing has death written all over it
Farmed it for my STR character with 30 str to dual wield it, the moves really look promising



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It has one of most superior movesets in the UGS family. The charged R2 is the launching uppercut which if timed properly, can be chained into a 3 hit combo unlocked. It does considerably more damage with a strength favored quality build, however.
I'm running 33/18 right now while 2handing the weapon and I think that I'll keep it this way as I want to keep my character at sl100, I have a sl120 quality character gonna try it on him as well, as I love this wespon for it combo's and damage
I laugh my *** out as when everyone is using Friede's scythe weapon art in PVP and I just destroy them with 2 R1 hyper armor combo with this beast


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Yes Friede Great Scythe seems to be terrible against hyper armor and if you use really any Black Knight Weapons they will probably lose
The line that says: " however, the Greatsword hits 639 AR when infused to refined"

^ this is wrong info I believe, doesn't square with the numbers from the greatsword wiki page, or mugenmonkey's weapons page.
Should be 587 AR with refined-infused
You cant infuse this weapon
All the sword variant BK wield this, which is well known as the "demon slayer". But only 3 demons in the game, so maybe they still wander around, still thinking demons and dragons still roam the earth. Or maybe they're just killing gankers, who knows
"Demons" : havel monsters with dark sword


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Lol the person below my comment made me laugh my *** off
I tried invasions, put a longsword/thrusting weapon in lefthand. I got to say, amazing strategy but keep your BGS hidden, spam r1 to trick your enemy that you’re a noob... do weapon with longsword/thruster, take out BGS
L1 L1 R1 R1 R2. It never let me down.
Looks like War's blade, the Chaos Eater, from Darksiders
It looks like your mother after I was done with her, you moron
No need to get so rude! Maybe somebody should give you a hug or something...

Btw Darksiders exsisted before the first dark souls so maybe Miyazaki got impressed by the horseman's blade...
But black knights don't respawn, what if I'm super unlucky and don't get the drop! How many are there roaming around in total?
They do respawn
Farm the two Black Knights at Untended Graves, after the Champion Gundyr boss fight. It worked for me, i got their full sets plus Black Knight Greataxe and the Greatsword.
theres four black knights at the untended graves and they all respawn