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IMO, probably the best weapon in the game, especially for high lvl PVP
Nobody in "high lvl PVP" will get hit by this, it is just too slow, and the rolling attacks can be parried pretty easily.
*****es don't even know about my dead angle parry baiting.
Happy days are here again! Just got this bad boy yo!
I've been playing with the BKG and the Fugs. Both are +2 at the moment and I see no difference in attack power. As of now the BKG seems superior. It's does the same damage and is lighter. Can somebody explain to me which is the better weapon?
BGK the fugs got patched to do less dmg
FUGS has an A scaling in strength
Is this thing dropped by the black knight in the road of sacrifices
Yes it is. Get the BK Shield too if you can.
how do you infuse the BKGS
Tumblebuff glitch. Being patched out in a few hours from time of post.
So i've been farming the Black Knight's after Champion Gundyr and I have at least two of each thing in the set. Except the sword. It doesn't seem to drop at all.
make sure you have the shield of want on, the gold covetous ring and pop rusty coins.
For early game farming, i recommend starting from Farron Keep perimeter and walking through the doorway where the ravenous crystal lizard was. Also make sure you have either coventous gold serpent ring and/or a rusty coin active. GL
Anyone guna post the drop % of it. >:x
I don't know if it's just me, but whoever I invade/invades me do not know how to counter this weapon. My 40STR/25DEX build, with +5 BKG, does monstrous damage, and with people not knowing its moveset at all, it just puts them down in two or three hits, easy. It's almost like dex-spam R1R1R1R1R1R1 weapons have climbed so high in the meta that they forgot greatswords existed. I haven't lost a single duel in this character's NG+ so far, and it's even stood up to two spam-heavy, Carthus Rogue-katana users.

finally I can tell other players to git gud
2 salty dexfags detected
go 40/40 str/dex it reaches higher AR like 640
If you land the R1, you can unlock, 180 R2 with the back part of the attack, 180 again to land the uppercut. Does roughly 900-1000 dmg and looks cool AF.