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i really wish you could aim all charges
This weapon is one of the most fun weapons to use in the game mainly for its wide attacks and awesome weapon art added with the R2
This thing is to broken. Ive been using it and if you unlock you can instantly turn around like champion guyndr does to you.
This weapon is my most favorite PvP weapon in the game. It has a variable moveset, decent AR, and it being a pure strength weapon it can have point put in other stats when using a build with this weapon.
might as well replace the blade on this thing with a giant ***** because this thing **** IN PVP
Any fashion souls ideas? I'mean thinking maybe the dark helm with mourne's set
Nameless King breastpiece and Gundyr helmet. Hides stupid frog mouth just fine and what's left is the mask of a merciless killer machine. Rest is up to your taste.
So I go for the wolf knight armor breastpiece, the dark leggins looted from the dark wraiths ... the pontiff knight gauntlets and the fire witch helmet. thats it and i think that looks pretty damn well with the halberd


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I like Gundyr's armor + Alva's helm, similar colors and all that. With whatever you want for pants and gloves
This thing really is something else in gank spanks
Can you parry this weapon? I tried but to no avail.
yes... my charged r2 and weapon art got parried before ;(
Everything but the spin after the WA can be parried
yeah, great weapon... but favors punishment by parry-mongers :(
All attacks can be parried on this weapon (including the WA spin)
I don't really have a problem with this weapon, except for the spinning attack on the WA. The hitbox on it is a bit broken from my experiences. I move out of the way of the charge, then dodge the spin, yet it still hits me nearly every time.
Its Hixbox is broken.