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I need this ring in real life, please
Then you gay...
by the way.
especially noticable if there's water at floor.
Not asking anyone to change it, just a heads-up for any readers.
"Anri's marriage-prepared corpse"
Ehm... What?
Also it could be about the coffin from Dark Souls 2 that let you swap genders for free whenever you wanted. This should have been a thing for Dark Souls 3; you make male & female faces for your character, and whatever gender you choose, you get the face you set for the other fender when you switch.
I wish, then i could cosplay Dark Sun Gwyndolin
It's not gay if I'm a girl
I find this ring most useful when I'm playing one gender but want to cosplay a character of the opposite one properly
The "tumblr" ring
spam-bots everywhere!!!
please remove the stupid trivia about it being related to anri


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