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I only saw them during the boss fight, no where else
From the catacombs bonfire head down the stairs where the skeleton ball is rolling up and down and head to the right. They should be at the end of the hallway


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These enemies drop the Bonewheel Shield


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...they do this like, anime as hell Initial D super drift when they brake now to charge at you again it's great.



Dadadada da dada da
"They are a shadow of their former glory however, with fewer numbers and a shortend attack animation." Is this really appropriate for a wiki? This is clearly an opinion and not fact, notes, or trivia.
No one can disagree with it.
To be fair what the text is saying is true ds1 skeleton wheels where one of the most deadly if not the most deadly non boss enemies in game, yes it may be a opinion but ay they ain't lying
I've noticed a lot of these wiki pages mention when an enemy was in DS1, but not when the same enemy was in DS2. These guys were definitely in 2, the boss fight (forget the name) with the 3 skeleton lords.
i thought the name of this enemy was bonewheel skeleton not skeleton wheel