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On my game all he did was try and land on top of me with his weapon, I just hit him a couple of times when dodging and he died.
Is he supposed to be like, really hard? I beat him in like three tries. I didn't look at the guide or anything. If it makes people feel any better, I died like 15 times to BSB.
Depends on your build and level when you fight him because he is super resistant to arcane, bolt, fire and weak to physical damage so if you are on a str or quality build is normal that you found it easy.
Beat him in one try....not a fun boss. If anyone needs help at sometime my psn is NeroNeko1120.
He's not that bad solo. But if you're helping someone it becomes stupid. He one shots you with that fast big skull blast of you're not full health. It's really annoying.
there's absolutely no reason behind this frozen old boy being resistant to fire. Fromsoft just wanted to give arcane builds an especially hard time getting the wheel.
Logarius.. aside from being bathed in the blood of "normal" vilebloods, has no reason to be immortal.. unless he pounded the queen hard as well. His Scythe being Pthumerian in style, and his long limbs makes me think he might come from the labyrinths.
The style of the labyrinths have a huge influence in the Church in Bloodborne. Logarius, once a high member of the Blood Church, most likely based the look of his gear off of Pthumerian weaponry, as a result of having a liking for the gear. Logarius bathed himself in vile blood so he could become immortal assume the role of being a warden for Queen Annalisse. as she is also immortal. This lead to Logarius' martyrdom, as he had to give up his own life in order to watch over Annalisse's prison "cell."
I mean, there are plenty of "immortal" characters in Bloodborne without having any relation to the Pthumerians, considering most characters you meet are just vague memories. Djura and Valtr certainly shouldn't be alive, or at least not look so young, considering they're Old Hunters, but the Dream sustains their will.

Weirdly enough, Logarius' scythe/pick looks like it might be made of coagulated blood, and it summons wrathful spirits just like the Logarius Wheel, suggesting it's the weapon he used to slaughter the Vilebloods. Pretty sure he's just a normal human--as far as normal goes in Bloodborne, that is.
So i've tried him a few times.
First I've tried with my standard approach... Ludwigs Holy Blade Transformed, to slow it failed.
Then I've tried to parry him, but my Bullets get sucked above him without hitting anything.
Several times later....
In first Phase he backed into a corner and keeps casting the Big ball without pause or intent to leave the corner...even if i wait on the other side and the ball has not enough range to hit...he keeps casting, then i've tried to get him out and i was hit by his volley TWICE PER CAST.....

Then on the next try i changed my Armor to the Executioners i found in the Castle.
He changed the Way he fought entiely....
After just a few casts he suddely changed to melee in the 1. Phase, he kept doing his 3 combo, which i could nicely parry at the second or third strike, which was still a tradeoff, but the viceral healed me up.
Then i kept doing it until 40% life, then he stuck his sword into the ground, i shot it with pistol and here we were again same as the beginning + Jumping atacks until he died.
He NEVER even started the big AOE at 60 or 50%...

My opinion is that he KNEW how much Armor i had and when i changed my Armor to Max Arcane he stops casting and attack in melee...
btw my Insight was over 80...
"When he stabs the roof with his sword, swords will spawn in the air and shoot at the player, to get rid of them simply attack the sword"

Thats funny, because the second you do that, the second you clear it, he just puts down another one, time an time again.
And that's assuming you can get to the first one.
What's he a martyr for? Camera seizures?
Technically, he's a martyr for assuming the role of keeping Queen Annalisse's throne room hidden, as he has to keep watch of it, 24/7. There is no way of killing Annalisse, so Martyr Logarius decided to turn her throne room into a prison. In addition, he had to take in vileblood in order to become immortal and take the task of being Annalisse's Warden.
Shooting the sword is a waste of bullets and attacking it isn't worth the risk of being combo'd to death. Just let it be, and position yourself behind one of the structures and parry him as much as possible while doing your best to dodge the bull***** dive attack.
Put into parry state without shooting gun. Attacked with tonitrus +6 while he attacked. Was like 25% health