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Oddly, i had an alternative ending for her questline. When she asked me if she could swear fealty to me, I refused and she left Firelink Shrine. After killing the twin princes, I went to the Pit of Hollows to get the Sunset Armor Set. She was there, praying at the Mound Makers altar. At this point, she was hollowed and hostile, upon killing her she dropped the Sunless Talisman; Sunless Armor became avalaible at the fireshrine maid right after.
same here i rejected killed aldrich and she was in pit of hollows hostile
not sure if it was a glitch or not. But after i beat the game i finally found the dreamchaser ashe (wich made me feel dumb when i found it) after i beat the game and the dlc, even talked to rosaria AND killed captin yorshka. i was able to do this quest in full. curretny 2:28 am
What if I kill Anri & Horace? Can I still do the questline?
Killing Anri prematurely ends Yuria's questline and prevents the Lord of Hollows ending, but doesn't end anyone else's questline, including Sirris'. I'm not sure if it ends Yoel's questline, though. Probably not, but I'd get the sigils prior to this anyway. And you want those sigils if you're doing a luck build, which is the only reason to kill Anri. Unless you just really want to use the Elite Knight set right away.
So I killed Pontiff Sulyvahn, but completely forgot to do step 4. So I went to the bridge and her summoning sign did not appear so I went back tot he Firelink Shrine, but she wasn't there too. Is there something I did wrong? I really want to complete this quest line, but I can't do it. Note: I killed the Curse-Rotten Greatwood.
Same thing happened to me, I went back to firelink to make sure she wasn't there, and I bought the bunch of flowers at the shrine handmaiden and the sign appeared when I went back the the front of the Tree fight.
Yeah, you had to summon her there before killing Pontiff or Aldrich. In DS3, killing a boss is like skipping time. Since you didn't trigger the event before you killed Pontiff, you probably just made the game skip over it. Sorry.


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Hi! I just found out that you cannot summon Sirris of the Sunless Realm while having the warrior of the sunlight covenant on! Please add to the wiki!
You can summon with warrior of sunlight covenant on!
Her summon sign would not appear at Curse Rotted Greatwood for me while I had the Warrior of the Sun covenant item on, switched to Darkmoon Blades and her sign appeared.
Maybe its a bug, but I only started going after Sirris' questline after I killed all bosses except for Lothric and the SoC, and her summon sign was both next to the Curse rotted greatwood and on the bridge at the same time and the green blossom was at the handmaid.
You can complete her questline regardless of whether you've defeated all the bosses or not. If you've defeated all the bosses required for her questline, then reloading the world once after going to the locations will allow the signs to appear..

All of the Questline quirks and failure are listed in this wiki so that's not one of them...
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OK, so I accidentally used her summon sign next to the curse-rotted great wood before using the one at the irithyll bridge, and now the one at the bridge is not appearing. Is there a way to make it reappear or is she dead?
Where the hell can I find her when she left the firelink because I joined Rosaria's side?
I'm searching everywhere but all I find is info about her questline
Oh great. Found out that I have to redo the whole freaking game, great. Out of all the NPCs she's by far the one I hate the most for how complicated and easy to break she is. Should've killed her right away!
She's super annoying... Because I did leonhard's quest in a previous playthrough she forever is mad at me. One thing you can do is just get her achievements on a new character. I'll try running straight from road of sacrifices to the dreamchaser's ashes without visiting firelink in my next playthrough to see if she can be accessed.
I did leonhard questline on the first play but Sirris doesn't hate me on NG. Maybe you need to unequip rosaria fingers during or before you start NG.
I offered a tongue and messed up her quest line. Will getting to NG+ reset it and let me summon her for boss fights again? (I'm asking because I've heard some say that she was still mad at them the next game cycle, and I'd like to confirm this one way or the other.)
NG+ always refreshes and resets all NPC questlines and aggro. So you're safe for the next playthrough. There may have been a glitch to where she was still aggro but I think that's been patched.