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Story time, I have fought this boss several times 6 out of those times its been a normal fight all the phases happen and nothing went wrong. So this is what a good buddy of mine had just gotten the dlc and I was helping him with it all went find the grave tender was good and no problems until we got to the sister friede so the first phase it when normal nothing really went wrong that until the second phase happen. So what happen was in the second phase the fight went normal until they got to have health, father was doing his charge attack across the arena he got about mid way when he just got stuck on something and was just stuck there running/crawling place and at this point I am confused so I just start attacking him and I believe I'm doing damage and I did not notice until I re-watched the footage on ps4 to see what else that had happen and in the background friede was teleporting every were along with my buddy and the other summon. So I attack father for like ten seconds when he tele's away and is on the other side of the area and was in his death animation and friede was just standing there so I was preparing myself for phase 3 but she did not do here dramatic black fire revival but just stood there and after 20 seconds she dies of something and victory as my buddy is confuse by my reaction because on his side of this it was normal for him and said I was teleporting around and phase 3 was short. So in the end my buddy won and I had an amazing experience of my buddies internet.
There's a magical button on your keyboard I would like to point out. It is right between the ',' and the '/'. It has a '>' on it, but the important part is the '.'. It is called a period, and it makes long paragraphs like the one you wrote readable and understandable.
best comment ever i am gonna cry
To you I say thank you, I was in a hurry when I was typing this and in future I will try to make comments like this more readable (its like high school all over again).
If you beat her once already and get her scythe, the next time around will be much easier. I found that her own scythe can easily stunlock her in all 3 phases. Just make sure you have enough stamina to roll out of the way afterwards because she can catch you as soon as you stop hitting her.
Nobody's going to mention the anti-gravity torches?
Oooooo my favorite part of the entire fight
I gotta say I'm pretty upset by this boss. It looks great, it plays out very interestingly...
but it's so weirdly anti-fun, only designed to kick your butt and nothing else.

We're in the third installment of Dark Souls now, things like weapon arts and all sorts of stuff exist here.
Yet trying anything on this boss other than the occasional R1(-string) between her moves endangers you greatly in this fight for survival,
and even narrowing it down to just that I still couldn't beat her solo after like 30 tries. (lvl 95)

What I especially mean by upset is: I was able to pull so much stupid, fun-looking stuff on the Gravetender fight that being so limited on this one really demotivated me.
And once I decided to give Gael a shot I instantly beat her despite him doing close to nothing.

Such a hollow victory...
I personally found it to be a very interesting and epic fight, I enjoyed it very much, but I do see your point to an extent.
Once you git gud you'll be able to pull or sorts of fancy stuff on Friede, but for now it's outta your league.
No he's right. When you get "creative" and try things out you will be instantly punished. Unlike Gundyr or Nameless King it's all about R1, evade, R1 evade, R1. It's sooo boring. It also doesn't fit well with Dark Souls universe that she "fly's" around. Yuria cannot do that so why should Friede? Makes no sense and I cannot understand the hype around that fight. Is it just because "bewbs"?
if you're running a bleed build i also recommend bringing dorhys gnawing in the first phase she'll be stunned by it if you need to keep your distance
All these casuals saying "boss iz 2 hard, DS1 wasn't even this bad". Git gud, this is how all (most) of the bossing in this game should be. Once upon a time beating DS was a badge of honor, but now nearly anyone can do it. This boss took me 6 times to beat and I am happy about that. If you have to do it 20 times then that is ok, it shows your dedication.
I have no problems with bosses being hard, but there are limits. Aldrich's arrow hail is overpowered as it can legitimately one-shot anyone not being prepared for it 24/7,and only gets WORSE in phase two by its duration more than doubling.
This boss is dumb because of the fact it's three(!) phases in a row, without a break to restock or checkpoint. While I enjoy the fight itself, it's just too long for a game like Dark Souls, where even a few careless moments can get you into serious trouble.
>Git gud, this is how all (most) of the bossing in this game should be.

to earn a status of a "game for complete masochists" and shrink the market share,
yes, certainly
Aldrich's "arrow hail" is heavily telegraphed both visually and by the sound he makes as he charges it. If you stand still in it you actually deserve to die. It's very balanced and not overpowered at all. Git gud you *****ing scrub.
I beat her on my first try. She hit me once. Second time I put down my summon sign and helped someone fight her again. Again, she couldn't even touch me. I'm SL 72, but judging by the slab she gives you and the 75k souls she's worth, I guess I'm not over leveled. Get light armor on, she's really easy to read and even easier to dodge and she has huge openings.
are you are pro gamer or something
No, he's just a liar.
I would love to know how she keeps getting back up during the fight. I know why because she's a boss, but I honestly want to know the lore of how she can get up after you beat her not once but twice. The first time understandable she basically gets embered from Ariandal smashing the vessel, but the second time she comes back is what interests me.
My theory on this: it's the same effect as if we would use ember. First it was a fire ember, than it was a "dark ember" effect because she carried the dark flame. The flames make her comeback. Same as it is with us.
It looks like she uses her father's soul / ember / flame. When she is first resurrected, she and father ariendel share a single HP bar despite being two totally different entities. Think back on twin princes where they were literally one character on top of another yet they had separate HP bars. Also the narration when blackflame friede is waking up "When the Ashes are two, a flame alighteth. Thou'rt Ash, and fire befits thee, of course..." feels like final phase is her using full flame of both.
you answered 50% of your question. so what is this about? That it makes no sense? And you just fear the huge backlash if you write that down? grow yourself a pair boy and spare us your *******
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Yeah message me at StayHoly. I want those frost scythes.
I must be cursed i have defeated all the bosses and still can't pull this one
Her timings are off compared to most other bosses. Like the hack/swing move of the dancer where if you are not carefull and wait half a second after evading the hack you'll always get hit by the swing.