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I didn't do step 4 but still progressed in the questline. Any reason for that?
I have no idea how but I got INVADED by Creighton during Twin Princes boss fight!!! He killed Sirris, killed Orbeck and let me fight the boss all alone after I finally killed him. Guess what happened then...Even after I've done all Sirris quest line and killed him several times, this b**** came back from the deepest hell to haunt me! So if you intend to summon Sirris for this boss fight be carefull.
I was probrably a player just cosplaying him
The sign didn't appear for me until I went back to Smouldering Lake and killed Horace. I actually thought that was the trigger and was surprised to not see it mentioned here.
That's Anri.
Hellgate: London was not a roguelike at all.
You don't have to kill Pontiff Beast to progress her story. Once, you're past church of yorshka and get to the water area, beast will relocate there (and attack you tehre untill it gets killed). After triggering its "relocation" you can find sirris sign in peace and help her.
Ah, rip feelings. Anyway good storyline.
somewhat of a "quirk" I suppose. I did all her questline, she swore fealty to me before going after dragon's armor. then messed it all up, for I went to Rosaria to get that tiny pvp-ring of sorts and Leonhard done. guess what? she reappeared at firelink and told me next time we meet we'd be adversaries ....uhm great and now what? were can I find and kill her after she left firelink? Even twin princes and SoC are down right now but her gear doesn't appear in shrine handmaiden's shop? (no sunless talisman on the grave either)
Yeah, happens to me too. I thought after she swears fealty to me, I can safely progress with Leonhard's quest, but I was completely wrong :(
The trigger for her summon sign appearing on the bridge to Irithyll seems to be related to Holy Knight Hodrick's invasion in the Undead Settlement. Killing the Curse-Rotted Greatwood wasn't necessary, only killing Hodrick. Perhaps skipping his fight (unembered) and then killing the Greatwood works as well, but it seems more likely the intent was to have to do the Hodrick fight first.
Actually,She spawns in once you reach halfway fortress