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if I kill her it gives me infamy with Lethians Crossing, how can I bypass that?
Same. You have to be less ethical to avoid that it seems, but there seem to be no consequence beside the wrath to the town
I doesn't appear that you can do this, there is no option to talk to anyone about it beforehand and you can't arrest her for the crime, a poorly designed quest.
Yeah, this has been bothering me too. It says I got wrath for killing her because I didn't tell anyone beforehand, but there's no one to tell
A little wrath is nothing if you wish to pursue the greater good. Besides, you'll have plenty of chances to improve your favor with them anyways
I wasted a lot more time than needed by trying to "tell someone". I spoke with everybody in the village and even went to Tunon. Nope. Don't bother with it, just smack the b**** and accept the absurd amount of dislike you get for it. Stupid quest.
The point in this game is not becoming a hero. Having her on your side can bring you benefits later. There is more to this quest.
When you confront her, you can get her to pay you for silence with a discount in all merchants except for 2 most important ones, it's hardly worth it though as the lesser merchants don't have anything useful. You will want Forge Bound and the other one on your side.
You can tell her that you can kill him for her, which basically doesn't even make much sense since she already sent you to kill Sandro and you didn't.
At this point you can do 3 things:
1- Coerce her to pay you 150 rings for silence, which seems to be one of the lucrative ways as apparently you'll get benefits (discounts and likely later stuff to happen)
2- Let her be, get 100 rings and she's gone, you will encounter her much later again.
3- Kill her, get wrath and later on this will actually change, as she's no longer the owner of the land you actually can get real benefits later on, as you can take this land from the Disfavoured when you turn on them later on. If possible at all. Personally I see no point in coming to power if you can't take over the lands.

You should remember that gaining Wrath is not dislike, it's more of fear and loyalty game as with companions, in some cases you gain a benefit from one or the other or both.

If the area did really dislike you you would lose Favour, instead of gain only wrath. As a tyrant you want wrath and favour all over the place.
Probably the most poorly written and ill conceived quests in Tyranny.
What the hell....