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I'm trying this out right now with a couple adjustments. I'm using Morne's helm, just 'cuz I like the look of it, and I'm using the Washing Pole for the extra reach. Love the samurai theme and the use of a bow. Thanks for the cool idea!
What hairstyle did u use I want a samurai hairstyle but the closet I can think of is the first one on the last row the long ponytail
Thats the one I used. I'm personally doing a Rurouni Kenshin build so that hairstyle fit the part just right. It would work well with an overall Samurai build anyhow.
Since Katanas get more of a damage boost from Dex, instead only get the strength requirement and put the rest in whatever.
I use, Raw black blade, gundyrs armor set -head, ragged mask, Shield of want, cloranthy ring, steel plate ring, Lloyds sword ring, stone plate ring depending/other various rings. VIG 20, ATT 10, END 40, VIT, 40, STR 20, DEX 20, INT 10, FAITH 10.