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By SlaveKnightKos
Personally, I think that ganks are one of the best things about DS3's PvP. Not so much in DS1 because of all the cancerous crap, but definitely in this one. Hear me out.
First of all, ganking is only the most viable in 3 areas of the game anymore, Pontiff's Back Porch, Road of Sacrifices, and High Wall of Lothric.
First of all, ganking is viable in these locations because of the sheer amount of invaders that you can get if you use the dry fingers. Secondly, in these areas, ganking can get turned around on you really fast, really hard, if enough people who know what they are doing invade at the same time.
Also, even if a gank is seemingly untouchable, if gives you a consistent invasion, which is way better than nothing.
Furthermore, The feeling when you finally take down a gank is one of the best you can get in these games.
You may be one of those players that only like invading PvEers, to you I say that ganks take a lot of the pressure off of this player base, encouraging them to continue playing online, so they can be invaded later down the line. This also gives you steady invasions for the lulls in between the PvE invasions.
Now we discuss being a ganker. If you have friends to gank with, it can be a lot of fun, and you will have your fair share of "Oh crap" moments as suddenly that one random you summoned gets pummeled into the ground and 3 more people invade. I have done my fair share of ganking, but only when I could never get an invasion. I always prefer invading, because I like the way the guerrilla warfare feels, but that doesn't mean that ganking isn't fun.
All in all, ganking provides a much needed apex predator in the world of PvP to keep the invaders in check, and is one of the best thing that ever happened to Dark Souls 3.
By Geomad
i agree completely but pontiff is becoming cancer because of murky and pkcs (only cancer on lag) my fav spot to invade GONKS (pve ganks not as skilled but large numbers) is ringed inner wall.
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By askild
This post is great, that is all.