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By DAW1990
After the question about the Germin site im thinking about a Dark souls wiki app.
Index could be: the forum and the whole informations with weapons, Character infprmation and so on. and maybe a better form of the chat.

what do you think about it?
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By PPG-3-
blackberry anyone?
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By Serious_Much
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...damn Goku copies Image

but maybe, i mean it's possible but i dunno about the financial aspect of an app and then releasing it onto wherever android, blackberry, apple set ups.

Interesting idea though you really need the mods to come they know whats what after all.
By DAW1990
of course its possible.
I dont know how to make a app.
But im sure i could learn it. it shouldnt be a problem.
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By Emergence
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I considered developing a smartphone app but that is a pretty hefty investment in time. I am not quite sure the logistics with feeding from wikispaces to an app. If there are any programmers in house, we would be interested in discussing it. We would like to be a part of the development from the ground up, so we would not authorize any development until we have had those planning sessions.
By hyper
I am not sure, but it doesnt really feel like there are enough users to warrant the investment effort of iPhone / Android specific development of a Dark Souls app, though it would be cool...
By StevemanXD
10 years later and still nothing. Cruel world.