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By Kalthramis
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Test post, since I can't seem to post comments on the wiki.
By copticone
Why am I not able to comment or vote on any of the wiki pages? I get something about an empty comment when I try to comment, and I get a message unable to process the vote when I try to vote. I am always logged in. I am not behind a VPN and I tried Chrome and Edge browsers. I would appreciate any help.
By SneezeyBreezey
I know that the no-adds aspect of VIP doesn't remove the wiki's sidebar inherently, but does that mean there's no way to permanently hide/remove the sidebar AT ALL?

Maybe I just missed it, but shouldn't some personalization setting easily allow users to hide that sidebar perpetually anyhow?

I'm grateful that at least the full-screen map hides it--and that it disappears in windowed mode if I distort my browser dimensions enough--however I'd rather not be forced into those setups all the time just to avoid a more annoying feature.

I really loathe devoting a 1/3 of my windows to plugging the same youtube vid day after day & equally irrelevant news items. (Hell, I wouldn't want to surrender that space to even relevant news & links.) If it's helpful to other people, well, god bless, but for me it's just an unavoidable eyesore and outright detrimental to the wiki's utility/value...yet seemingly so easily be resolved with user settings to let everyone be happy. :-/
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By Fexelea
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The wiki content is created expecting a certain max-width, and it can break if the content exceeds that width. I know that users on smaller screens find the sidebar annoying and we're looking into ways to add a way to remove it for vips with smaller screens, but it's not a priority right now because we are still adding features to the ER map, working on the Build Calculator, and finishing several other smaller tools and projects.
By FatherThyme
I have the same problem mentioned above --- I can't post comments or edit any pages. Add-ons do not appear to be the culprit... at least in my case.
By MaryJFly
How do I become a VIP, I wasn't able to when I created my account, but I would like to now..can't find a place to sign up for VIP anywhere
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