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By tehgoty
Is it just me who is having a hard time playing DS3 on PC with mouse and keyboard? During my 250 hours of DS2 on PC, with the same setup. I had no difficulties. As today DS3 seems fairly bugged(?) for M&K play. My character repeatedly starts running in one direction during gameplay. During mid combat (or exploring) my character might start to auto run to one direction to cancel the "auto running in random direction". To cancel this i need to press the button that moves my character in the same direction. Just me experiencing this? Never had anything like this on DS2 on PC.

At this point i consider getting a controller so i can enjoy the game, cause right now its getting a bit annoying.
By Anonymous
Same problem here :(
By Anonymous
I have the same problem, thought my keys were sticking at first. Ran off a few cliffs and pretty much everywhere I didn't want to go. I just smash on the wasd keys now though and I stop moving. (most of the time)
By tehgoty
Glad to see its not just me having this issue. Any hope in a fix? In my opinion mouse and key are far superior to controllers and i would really like to keep playing with k&m.
By Nunkuruji
I have a thought about how to workaround this.

It's likely cause by opposing directional keys being held at the same time.
Can use autohotkey to make the keys held down mutually exclusive.

I''l try and work out this idea in a little while.
By rawshell
has the problem been fixed? is there any solution? please someone see my message i wanna play this game so bad.