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By Fujimoto
Hi guys, nice to meet you all. :00004:

I need help with my warrior build, currently playing the remastered version for Nintendo Switch v1.03

Characters stats:
  • Level - 44
  • Vitality - 23
  • Attunement - 8
  • Endurance - 21
  • Strength - 27
  • Dexterity - 18
  • Resistance - 11
  • Intelligence - 9
  • Faith - 9

I have a couple of questions but feel free to give any tips you find useful :)

I accidentally attacked the Blacksmith Vamos, I did not know I could be absolved by Oswald to fix this. So he's dead now unfortunately. :doh: Is that a big deal?

So, the two bells are already rung and I got the master key. Should I proceed to the open gate now? Or do I still need to check a few things before proceeding?

I want tips and guidance to where I can aim my efforts considering my actual build. Which Stats to prioritize and when to stop upgrading them? Am I using the wrong choices of weapons?

Thanks in advance!
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By Morrow
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So it has been a while since I've delved into the OG Dark Souls, so I do apologize if some info isn't perfect. :00008:

Your stats look pretty balanced for a melee focused build, so no comments there. Your level is on point for where you are in the game as well (I usually finished the game vanilla game around level 85).
I would personally recommend swapping out the Wolf Ring for the Cloranthy Ring -
This will help immensely with dodging and having enough stamina to get that extra hit in when needed. This is of course a personal recommendation. Another option would be to grab the Grass Crest Shield (my personal favourite) - ... est+Shield

Killing Vamos sucks, but if you're not planning on making any Chaos weapons it's not the biggest loss. There are two other blacksmiths in the game.

Progression wise, it is of course completely up to you and how you want to play.
I usually head back to the starting zone and enter a new zone that is unlocked there (spoilers, not sure if you've finished the game before. Let me know and I can clue you in).
If you want to go the correct "path", you should head back to Firelink shrine and check around the area. There will be a new NPC for you to speak to, and they will give you further direction on where to go from that point.

Regarding your last point on aiming your efforts and weapons. Both of these answers are closely tied together, because stat progression will depend on what weapon types you want to use.
If you prefer faster weapons (long swords, katanas, etc), then Dex is the better stat to focus. Based off of your current build it looks like you're going for the "big weapon, big numbers" strength build, so Strength will be your main focus stat in terms of leveling your damage.
Do note regarding leveling that there are soft and hard caps on your stats that will effect how much benefit you gain from each level, as well as weapons have their own scaling that will be better or worse for a given stat based on its rating (scaling can sometimes increase or decrease if the weapon is upgraded/ascended. Check out this page if you want more in depth look at scaling {potential spoilers} -
Stat caps (Note - Soft cap denotes diminishing returns on level investments. A hard cap would be no longer seeing any return at all, such as attunement past level 50):
With your current stats I would personally focus the Zweihander if you want a high damage weapon for your current build. As it is honestly a weapon that can carry you the entire game if you want it to, and can be obtained right at the start of the game which is a huge boon.
A quick list of weapons to think about switching to in the future if you can get them.
These weapons are large, slow, but do a lot of damage:
Man-Serpent Greatsword - ... greatsword
Great Club -
Demon's Greataxe (Highest damage output in game if you have the stats for it) -'s+Greataxe
Honourable Mention - Has a very low drop rate if I remember correctly. But amazing reach and damage if you can get it.
Black Knight Halberd - ... ht+Halberd

Please keep in mind everything I have stated here is opinion and not how you HAVE to play the game. The Soulsborne series are about choice, and you can play however you want. Find what you enjoy and stick with it, you'll have a blast! :00004:
Hope this helped, and don't forget to :00008: :00020: PRAISE THE SUN! :00020: :00008:
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By Fujimoto
You were really helpful, thank you very much!

I'm going for the Cloranthy Ring and after capping 30 Vitality, I'll spam points on Strenght for the Demon's Greataxe. I got the Grass Crest Shield and gave it a try and it's amazing! Thanks again!