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By Azralion
Greetings Hoonters,

Through my research I have come across some interesting clues that may help understand Oedon better.

Intially, I came to the same conclusion as redgrave in regards that Oedon is actually mercury/quicksilver. Check redgraves video for a more detailed explanation!

Through further research, I found that Oedon is not in fact "just" mercury but a mercurial divine essence. This divine essence is referred to by many different names. For example, azoth, the ultimate substance Ain Soph/schamayim was used by the kabbalah, Prima Materia was used by the alchemists and for the yarnamites oedon. In Bloodborne, to better understand Oedon we must first understand what Oedon is! I will breakdown the different names used, the backstory behind them, and the connections. I have primarly used Wikipedia as my source of information. lets start with azoth

AZOTH was considered to be a universal medication or universal solvent, and was sought for in alchemy. Similar to another alchemical idealized substance, alkahest, azoth was the aim, goal and vision of many alchemical works. The term, while originally a term for an occult formula sought by alchemists much like the philosophers stone, became a poetic word for the element mercury. Even if it is a common misconception of the era to link azoth as mercury alone rather than the addition of mercury, salt and sulfur when it comes to the senses and symbols.This misconception lead us to believe that oedon is mercury!

The liquid Oedon also referred to as Azoth does not contain mercury alone but a combination of alchemic components of mercury, sulfur, and salt. The mercury alone does not have the same healing properties as Oedon blood (old blood) in Bloodborne. Azoth fits better with the description of Oedon because it has healing properties like Oedons old blood.

Mercury is represented in the spirit world(or dream world) as masculine, fire, sun, and spirit. Sulfur is represented as feminine, water, moon(presence), and soul. Salt is represented as earth and body. When you will combine these elements with alchemic rituals then you will create the prima materia/ /azoth/oedon! That does not mean Oedon is a human creation but a reconstruction of how Oedon was before the creation lf kosmos. It will be explained later through the kabbalah and ein soph.

Azoth was also called prima materia in latin! In alchemy and philosophy, prima materia, materia prima or first matter, is the ubiquitous starting material required for the alchemical magnum opus and the creation of the philosophers stone. It is the primitive formless base of all matter similar to chaos, the quintessence or aether. Esoteric alchemists describe the prima materia using simile, and compare it to concepts like the anima mundi. The magnum opus is the way to create the philosphers stone and in order to do it you need the prima materia(Azoth/oedon)!magnus opus is very important for bloodborns story but i will explain in it further in another post!

Now we see here that the prima materia(oedon/azoth) which looks like mercury(quick silver) is described as "the primitive FORMLESS base of all matter" and also that the esoteric alchemists describe the prima materia using a SMILE!! The rune of Oedon states that Oedon is formless and is depicted with a smile. If you use the Oedon rune you can extract more quicksilver(mercury/azoth/prima materia) from your blood. The similarites can't be a conicidence that's why I strongly believe Oedon is azoth/prima materia/ain soph.

Lastly, the Azoth(prima materia/oedon) is related to the Ain Soph/schamayim (ultimate substance) of the Kabbalah. In his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages Manly.P.Hall explained this connection:

The universe is surrounded by the sphere of light or stars. Beyond that sphere is schamayim(oedon,prima materia,azoth), the Hebrew word for 'heaven', who is the Divine Fiery Water, the first outflow of the Word of God, the flaming river pouring from the presence of the eternal mind. Schamayim, who is this fiery androgyne, divides. His Fire becomes Solar fire and his Water becomes Lunar water in our universe. Schamayim is the Universal Mercury or Azoth—the measureless spirit of life. That original spiritual fiery water comes through Edem and pours itself into the four main rivers of the four Elements. This comprises the River of Living Water—the Azoth—or fiery mercurial essence, that flows out from the throne of God and Lamb. In this Edem (vaporous essence or mist) is the first or spiritual Earth, the incomprehensible and intangible dust out of which God formed Adam Kadmon, the spiritual body of man, which must become fully revealed through time.

In kabbalah prima materia(oedon) is referred to as Schamayim the androgyne(half man half woman) who divides! This is very important because we can see this alot in bloodborne! For example, ludwig who is half horse half man. Also, the skeptical man when you look at him sideways it appears he has two different faces! The most important examples that I want to point out are about 2 statues. The first one, is in the tomb of oedon area where the statue is standing in the middle. This statue is seen in old yarnama with both eyes closed and with a mustache. Whereas in the area of "tomb of oedon" in yarnama the statue's left side of face has one eye closed with a mustache and the right side of the face has one eye opened with no mustache.

The second statue is in the grand cathedral that is holding a bowl where oedon liquid is pouring inside laurences head. If you observe the statue further there appears to be a very long beard hanging over the right shoulder and a head that is missing. I believe this beard belongs to the second male head that the statue intially had. A androgyn, statue with 2 heads one male and one female, is depicted exactly as azoth in the alchemical symbols(google it!)

Now I want to to direct your attention to the sentence "the Azoth—or fiery mercurial essence, that flows out from the throne of God and Lamb." I strongly believe this statement is describing the throne of God which is represented in the Grand Cathedral as the throne on top of laurence head. God is depicted as androgynus statue that pours the godly essence of Oedon(old blood-mercury) in laurences head and laurence is the lamp of god. Thus, laurence is the jesus of bloodborne. There are clues that indicate laurence sacrificed himself in order to produce more of the old blood and to purify it through his death. The holy communion in Bloodborne you take the blood of laurence similar to the christian holy communion you drink the blood of jesus. Laurence was trying to redeem humanity from Willhems sins but I will discuss this in another post.
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By SlaveKnightKos
Keep in mind that there is a good chance the these pseudogods are named by the humans that study, worship and experiment on them.