Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SM) - International trade welcome!
By XTigerSaintX
Still playing Xbox 360 (Vanilla) SL:61 SM:235579 GT:XTigerSaintX Location:Lost Bastille Boss Fight
By Puezgen
Searching for Players to play coop (ps3 - SOTFS) : PSNName : Puezgen (Lvl 64 , SM 349000)

witing for u :-)
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By Dexter888
Hello i search for coop on Xbox 360 , sl 60 sm 330k, iron castle , name-graved ring god caitha.
Gamertag Gardener Olli
Hello can someone help me with Sir Alonne on Dark Souls 2 SOTFS im on PS4, my soul level is 266, my SM is 23.9M, and I currently have the name engraved ring with it set to Caffery, Goddess of Fortune.
By B3ASTY001
Platform : PC, SL : 89, SM : 299901, first playthrough
My steam name is BEASTY, my character's name is Rouge
Location : Belfry Luna near gargoyle fog door
Reason : I need help to beat the gargoyles, because no matter what I try for some reason I can't seem to be able to beat them.
with the name engraved ring i have Quella, god of dreams.
By RandomProduct
PS5 (does PS4 cross-play?), SL134, SM 1.78mil, NG, Fume Knight. This guy is a ****. I have footage saved of his nonsense hitbox killing me.

Also any help with Blue Smelter Demon would be amazing. This DLC is hard
By Mcnaus
Platform- xbox1
Location- Frigid Outskirts, Ivory King dlc
Soul Memory- 4538859
Pure Melee, Sword, bow
By Mcnaus
Im in beginning area with the circle of statues and npc summons are located
By Jelloinferno3
I have literally tried everything and all suggestions and still can't defeat the Ancient Dragon. Can anyone help? I keep dying from the flames in a hit or two even though I'm lv 190
By Jelloinferno3
NEROLINTIK wrote: Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:07 pm hi im on XBOX and SL 101, my gt is jbadjones and I need help with shrine of amana, I am a sorcerer currently but am about to become a str/faith build so I need a ranged attack and a tank, I may also fight the boss so come prepared I play ususally every day but will play almost all night on weekends. plz help I really need it :)
Let me try and get on tomorrow. I'm level 185 and can get through shrine of Amana pretty easy. What's your gamer tag?
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