Anything without a home!
By WorldSlayerPIKA

I enjoyed a few great games – these are on top of my mind:

- Jagged Alliance 2 (PC, Strategy)

- Front Mission 3

- Final Fantasy 7 8 9 (Idid not play the newer FF games!)

- Uncharted series

- Battlefield Bad Company 2 (My first Online Multiplayer game! And still havin fun!)

- GTA Series! (I played even Number 1 and GTA London XD )

- Heavy Rain
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By ViralEnsign_
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-Valkyria Chronicles (still gets to me every time I play the Mulberry Harbour Mission)

- MAG (These guys knew strategy and followed orders to the letter, I had some great times Objective Sweeping and Calling in Sniper Targets as a Tactical Assault Agent)

- Tales of Symphonia ( You'd think 80+ hours of stoty telling would wear you down or you might get tired of it eventually. NO *** way. I still sit in awe of the momment Lloyd earns Tempest, or when you get Sheena (SHEENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), or am shocked when something really interesting becomes known about the ExSpheres. Excellent game, BEST GAME EVER!)

-Mass Effect (1-3)- Brilliant story, settings, and characters. And TALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Fallout 2- Because hey who doesnt like New Reno with its attainable rank of porn star, its many gangs, Washikazi Knife wielding bandits, and buyable AK-74 Rifle. I love setting out on a mission not knowing if my supplies with last me through, or struggling to buy even the weakest of guns simply because they cost $7000+ and you only ever earn about 100-200 at then end of missions.
By FruitPunchNinja
Metal Gear Solid(1-4)
Dark and Demons souls
Ico and Shadows of the Colossus
Silent Hill(1-3)
Resident Evil(1-4)
Zelda(link to the past and oot, never owned a gamecube Image)

honorable mentions:Commandos:Behind Enemy Lines,Persona 3,Devil May Cry(1&3),Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturn,GTA(1-4),Pocky & Rocky(1-2),Fatal Frame(1-2 havent played 3 or 4) theres tons of others.
By Katakato
Some of the best games i ever played:

Baldur's Gate 1&2
Icewind Dale 1&2
Planescape Torment
Fallout 1&2
Oni (damn i love this one)
Heroes of might & Magic 3 (in the wake of gods)
Silent Hill 1-4
Resident Evil 0-5 (GameCubere-make)
Dino Crisis (only the 1st one)
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade
Soul Calibur
Shadows of Rome
Shadows of the Colossus
Zelda: Mayora's Mask, Link to the Past, Link's awakening, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker
Contra Hard Corps (Probotector)
World of Warcraft
Breath of Fire 1-3
Final Fantasy 5, 6 & Tactics (i must be the only one that doesn't like FFVII)
Front Mission 3-5

Damn, as i started remembering all the good games i played i realized i could make a whole list Image there are more...

And ofc Demon's/Dark Souls
By FruitPunchNinja
shadows of rome is a great game. underrated too, most have never even heard of it.
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By Reaperfan
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All-time personal favorites? *cracks knuckles*

Super Mario World/Bros 3/64/RPG
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl
Diddy Kong Racing
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Ocarina of Time/Wind Waker
Chrono Trigger
Demon's Souls

Dark Souls still needs time before it makes it to my list, but it's on it's way Image
By FruitPunchNinja
i love all the classic nintendo franchises but they would take up my whole list Image
By Katakato
I always thought there would be a sequel to Shadows of Rome because of the ending...sadly, it never came Image

But yeah, I'm shocked it's so underrated, i had a blast playing it Image
Def recommendation
By ReynaldFoavanDER
My first pc game was mortal kombat, played from school.

My first games from my own pc were tarzan, zuma balls and then gta 3.

When I bought PC I got gifted a CD game, a mix of fifa and pes, but it didn't had real names for players (assume they didn't want to get copyrighted by fifa) and you could play only Friendly-Match, there were no other options. It was still years ahead of fifa and pes at that time, in terms of the tricks you could do with players. I searched in online, but I could not find it ANYWHERE. No name brand game who was years ahead of other soccer games, but never got anything of it, lol
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