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By Voidmaster
Hello everyone ^^
On my playthrough of the SotfS Version of DS2, i noticed two major things:

1. A lot of enemies have multible pages, where the same enemy have different names, which is not only unneccassry, but also brings in a problem for the second thing, since its hard to find out which of the pages is the "right" name/page for a certain enemy. These should be merged and use the correct name for the enemies, with a note if the original version had a different name for the enemies.

2. The walkthroughs of each area seem to be mostly copy/pasted from the old version of DS2, cause a lot that is just straight up wrong (enemies that don't or do appear in the SotfS, changed items, ect.) Right now i try to correct as much as possible during my playthough, might not find every little bit though.