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By SlaveKnightKos
1.06 was a great patch, the work is not done, but leaps and bounds have certainly been made. I anticipate that future patches will bring us ever closer to a game that we can play together for years to come. More and more we will be able to look back to the early days of this game and laugh, saying to ourselves, "that was ridiculous." It was wild, it was broken, it was infuriating, but it was an experience that we will never have again. That is why I didn't feel bad abusing the Eclipse Shotel Fire's Deadly Sin glitch, I knew it was going to be patched out, and fast, so I just wanted to get it before it was gone. You were here, in the beginning, in the old days, like the time of Titans in Hercules (he hurled his thunderbolts). You can tell the story of how this game progressed. From some broken shell of what could have been the best PvP experience to date, to actually fulfilling this potential.

My hopes for the next patch is for a fix to blocking, flaming strike and storm stomp lingering hitboxes, and crouch poking. How? I have some thoughts, but we will have to wait and see. I'm looking forward to it