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By TheSurfCrusader
Hi Fellow Eldon Ringers,

Hope everyone's keeping well :)

Not sure if this is something which has been discussed before, bit i'm wondering if anyone can help :)

My mate, great at gaming as he is, is now trying to come up with a strategy to get himself quickly through journey 1 again. He's plunged 150+ hours into his journey 1 before he made the grave error of trying to do the "turn off sync" action just before the Marika / Elden Beast fight. He told me he decided he wanted to see the different endings without multiple play throughs, so he turned off the sync function on his PS5, then when he tried to re-load his last game save, the PS5 told him that it couldn't load the last save due to it being out of date ... he's raised the issue with Playstatio but they've basically told him to go away. He's now stuck and it looks like he'll have to start over :doh:

I play Xbox, so not sure if this is purely PS5 related, but when he told me i was so so gutted for him, given how much time i myself have spent getting through journey 1, grinding for runes and collecting everything i could before heading to the end. I'm not much good when it comes to big boss fights, so i had to over power myself to get through it :D

I'm on journey 2 now and i'm enjoying it better than journey 1, loving the game :thumbs up:

So, i'm trying to help him out by thinking of how he can get through journey 1 again but this time as quick as possible, without him having to invest his 150+ hours again. I thought i'd drop a note on this forum to see if anyone else has had to start journey 1 again ask what the straegy has been ?

I've watched some youtube videos and sounds like maybe a Katana sword is the way to go, maybe Uchigatana and / or Moonveil, i myself went through journey 1 with a greatsword and ground slam ash in right hand and a queen staff with no skill in my left, then finished off with the dragon seal and glintstone breath, must admit though, i invested my time heavily with over 250 hours gameplay in journey 1 :)

I guess if anyone has any strategies for getting through journey 1 from scratch as quickly as possible, without the heavy time investment, it would be extremely helpful and i'm sure my mate would be extremely greatful :thumbs up:

Many thanks again for any help and support from this forum

Much appreciated :)

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By RashtorNesmarck
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60 vigor, 80 Int, 12 str, 18 dex, 35 mind Moonveil-focused build is as quick and braindead as you can go. You don't rely on bleed, but in the weapon skill, which ******* rips enemies apart when used properly.
As much as he wants to rush through the game however, remind him to search for all the flask upgrades and upgrade materials. Those are still important to making this go fast. Would suggest just watching a guide if he's that inclined on getting by fast.
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By TheSurfCrusader
Many thanks for your fantastic advice on the attribute values and choice of weapon RashtorNesmarck, will certainly be sure to pass on this invaluable information to my mate, can't thank you enough for your reply, much appreciated :o)

I'm half way through my second walk through at the moment and loving it, am using the Fextralife checklist to find all the talismans and caves and stuff that i missed on my first journey, think i screwed up a little as well as i managed to kill BOC before completing his questline, as well as completing Ranni but then not using the blue summon sign, which apparently would have been available if i'd had seen the body and not been so quick to end the game DOH!! haha

Unlike my mate I don't like to do things by half, so I'm taking my time and looking to do everything that's possible in the game, so sounds like i'm going to be going on quite a few journey's, bring on the coffee hahaha :o)

Thanks again for all your help and advice, really has been much appreciated

Take it easy buddy, enjoy a great week :thumbs up: