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By Anonymous
i got it in the redmane castle too, available just like 4th one, after all the doors open
By Anonymous
This is in Redmane Castle in the room sticking out of the south wall.
By Anonymous
It's in the southernmost room in redmane castle, the one with the door that leads outside
By Anonymous
Doors do not open if you visit the castle after accepting Ranni's quest and Blaidd is onsite. Defeating the boss doesn't seem to open the doors as well. So you may be missing this.
By Anonymous
I am currently looking for cookbook number five, and it is nowhere to be seen in red main Castle the description for this is pretty unclear but when I looked at the map link I went to the room it was showing. It is still not there. Best way to describe it is it's the southernmost room with all the skinny little guys sleeping in it. Nothing there, or I picked up a different cookbook and they have the number messed up
By tilden
The location description is terrible, this item doesn't require opening any doors. I found it by starting at the castle's back entrance (the graveyard with the bats) at the top of the ladder that gets you into the castle. From there you just follow the path until you drop down a ladder and fight a dog in front of some stairs. The cookbook is up the stairs and directly on your right when you go in.
By Anonymous
The first time I went to redmane castle was after triggering the festival and I did get this cookbook. It might be the armourer's cookbook 4 that isn't available if the festival is on.