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By Anonymous
Anyone who or where this drops?
By Anonymous
lake of rot, below nokstella, eternal city.
By Anonymous
Wish this had a different skill, instead it has just a better version of lazy :/
By Anonymous
I raised the platform to fight him, also died. Now the platform is raised and I can't get back up.
By Anonymous
There���s a ladder at the side of that platform to get back up
By Anonymous
Found in lake of rot shoreside looks like u get one chance as i cant lower the platforms
By Anonymous
there is a ladder
By Anonymous
This ain't a catalyst melee combo either??? where the **** they at??
By Anonymous
I killed the enemy in the platform and then i died instantly, now the enemy doesn't respawn. Do I lost that loot forever?
By Anonymous
Yep that happened to me, next playthrough i guess ahahah
By Anonymous
If you still need to get one, there is one in a mine in snowfields later on, and you can also get one if you kill the enemy in a coop game with somebody else. I've got three of them now because of that.
By Anonymous
Is this real? And if so where can I find it
By Anonymous
this is not real
By Anonymous
There's a slope on the right side of the platforms so you can run over and climb the ladder to fight the guy who drops it in the Lake of Rot. Hope this helps!
By Anonymous
Killed the dude yet died right after, not being able to pick up the weapon, because of the ****ING FORCED ROT. Like? Why? Why forced?
By Anonymous
Same thing happened to me bro... i was malding XD At least it doesn't seem that strong so i probably would never of used it
By Anonymous
If you are talking about rot that continues to go up after you clease, it's probably because your rolled in the rot swamp and your character became covered in rot. You can stop the rot build up by using soap.
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