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By Anonymous
Someone with a crick in their neck would describe the direction from the site of grace as 'due north'
By Anonymous
"A little west of"... AND 8 TIMES AS THAT FAR NORTH OF* ... "the academy gate town site of grace"


When something is 8x more in direction A than direction B, we typically don't describe direction B when helping people find the thing.
By Anonymous
Theres a summoning pool missing in the giant snow area, not far from the skull bird boss, next to the way down the north bastion with the electric commander. Sorry for my english im not sure of the english names.
By Ironorder
N.E. of Gael Tunnel entrance, there is a set of two Somber Smithing Stone icons. One is marked as a [3] and the other (which is inside the Gael Tunnel) is marked as a [4].

I do not know about the one inside the Gael Tunnel, but the one outside is not a Somber Smithing Stone [3], it is a [4]. I am speaking about the one dropped by the Caelid Scarab at that location.
By Anonymous
I wish it could tell me how much runes for each boss upon defeating them, so I would know if I should use a gold fowl foot
By Anonymous
It does not show the rememberance of the grafted
By Anonymous
By Araxeus
I'd like to report an error:


the description should say:

"Found with a v̶i̶s̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ invisible Teardrop Scarab"
By Anonymous
Baleful shadows
By Anonymous
im alt-tabing to this map and doing my playthrough region by region and trying to get everything, not rushing main bosses at all. i wonder if that's right way to approach this game, but honestly it;s so easy to miss out on stuff in this amazing game i dont wanna go blind in it
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By Fexelea
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There's no "right way" to play this game. Do what feels enjoyable to you. I personally had to play the game with zero help or guidance to get all the info before release. I enjoyed it. Now I have the map that we made and I use it for my playthroughs to get my completionism under control and I enjoy that too. Just have fun!
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