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By Anonymous
There's a chunk of text starting with the sentence "On the right side of the balcony, you can hop onto the roof and enter back into the building on a higher level." which is out of sequence. The balcony giving access to the upper level is on the first balcony after the Crumbling Beast Grace Depths, and NOT the one where the Golden Rune (12) is.
thank you!! that part was frustrating
By Anonymous
I thought Melina teleports you here. Isn't this a giant plot hole if you accept the Flame of Frenzy before she burns the Erdtree?
By Anonymous
wouldn't that just mean she doesn't teleport us there?
By Anonymous
Enia's dialogue implies a Kindling Maiden is needed to go to Farum Azula: "For the flame to burn the Erdtree, a sacrifice is needed. Of one who envisions the flame. And can lead you to the Rune of Death." Melina is also associated with Destined Death so I have no idea why the Three Fingers/Flame of Frenzy also have that ability. Unless Marika sealed the entance to Farum Azula in the forge or something and you just have to ignite it to be teleported.
By Anonymous
Pretty sure it depends on whether you have the mark of the three fingers. If not, she teleports you. If you do, she doesn't and you use the prompt "listen to the flames" or something like that. Check the forge of the giants page.
By Anonymous
You have to burn yourself if you get the frenzied flame ending, it’s actually a pretty cool scene
By Anonymous
I received 127,500 runes from the Godskin Duo, not 170K.
By Anonymous
beast clergyman not listed for boss?
By Anonymous
Clergyman is Maliketh.
By Anonymous
So the ruins scattered around the Lands Between are fallen pieces of Crumbling Farum Azula?
By Anonymous
I'm a little bit overwhelmed by the size and layout of this place. So many paths and splits and whatever to explore. Tons of scattered loot and stuff you see in the distance and you gotta backtrack a lot to explore everything. So yeah, like I said I'm kinda overwhelmed atm but I enjoy the challenge of the last dungeon, great game.
By Anonymous
After Godskin duo “Head out the northeastern door and jump down to the lower platform.” Northeastern did not make sense looking at the compass on the map. Maybe rephrase?
By Anonymous
Average crumbling azula fan vs average miquella's haligtree enjoyer
By Anonymous
Very true, Haligtree is pretty but is also the most ******* aggravating area in the game, Farum Azula i not only cooler visually it also feels actually fairly balanced for an endgame area, unlike Miquella's **** tree.
By Anonymous
There are so many complaints in the comments, but I really enjoyed Farum Azula. All the intricate twists and turns and hidden pathways are fun to discover, and it rewards you with the final 3 smithing stone bell bearings (one normal, two somber) plus a somber and a regular ancient dragon stone. Plus you get three whole armor sets (Drake Knight, Beast Champion and Malformed Dragon), or four if you count buying Maliketh's set after beating him. I'm also a weirdo who likes the Godskin Duo fight, so maybe I'm just the odd one out.
By Anonymous
I can't believe they added California weather in Elden Ring
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